Keurig platinum coffee brewer review – this coffee maker was expensive but it sure brews great coffee!

Keurig platinum coffee brewer review

My girlfriend got me this Keurig coffee machine and it is AWESOME!

My girlfriend for Christmas bought me a Keurig brand platinum coffee brewer. I never liked brewing my own coffee because the old coffee makers I used to have like the one from Black & Decker were too cumbersome and hard for me to use – it always seemed the coffee came out and burned tasting and I could never seem to make a good cup of coffee.

Maybe I was lazy and was just looking for an excuse to go to Starbucks in the nearby mall or the one down town for a good cup of coffee. whatever the reason was I didn’t make coffee for myself and haven’t in years. I appreciated the gift from my girlfriend, but I didn’t think that this thing would make me start wanting to brew coffee at home.

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I mean if it was anything like the other coffee makers that I’ve had than I just wasn’t interested in trying to use it. Plus this Keurig machine looked like some space-aged, computerized coffee making machine and I highly doubted that was I was going to be able to figure this thing out.

But to make micro-friend happy – I love my girlfriend and the last thing I would ever want to do is disappoint her – I sat down and read the instructions and put the thing together. The Keurig was actually simple to get a ready out-of-the-box and then it turned out all you had to do was pop in one of these K-Cups as they are called, add some water and press the button to brew the coffee.

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The question now was how good was this coffee going to be if it was this simple to make? I mean was it going to taste like instant coffee which is rather putrid? Or was it going to be good? This is what I found out asking myself before I turn it on. so I put in one of the K-Cups. It came with Green Mountain coffee K-Cups. About a minute or so later the cover was done and it smelled like coffee that was made at the local Starbucks.

I took my cup out and then added milk and sugar (I didn’t have cream so I used milk instead), stirred it and gave it a sip. Man, this was some great coffee. The coffee that came out of the Keurig was every bit as good as the local coffee shops. I think it was actually even better than Starbucks coffee made fresh.

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I was impressed and when I found out I could really save a bundle by buying these k-cups at Target or Walmart I was ecstatic. With the Keurig I was now paying around $.50 cents or less for a great cup of coffee. I had it fresh brewed in a minute or less and in the convenience of my own home. This Keurig platinum brewer is sweet and the best gift I got this year.

I have since tried numerous other flavors and brands of coffee in my Keurig and I think I like the Donut Shop the best. all I have to say here is if you want some great coffee and receive a mint go out and get one of these Keurig machines – they are awesome!

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