Kirkland’s Compliment – Home Décor, Gift Merchandise, and Wonderful Customer Service

Today I went shopping at Kirkland’s in Concord Mills Mall, NC.  I saw the renovation going on a few months ago and finally saw the sign that stated Kirkland’s would be opening soon.  I had never heard of Kirkland’s, so I decided to go into the store with my girlfriend.  The moment I walked in, I knew that I would love this store!

When we walked in there were holiday decorations, furniture, and lots of home décor.  As we walked around the store, we saw sales all over on practically every product.  I was able to purchase a beautiful wall clock that I was looking around for, but could never find one for a decent price.  Once my girlfriend and I had decided on the clock, we decided to walk around for a little bit longer.

As I was walking around carrying this 20” clock, an employee had approached me and asked me if I would like her to take the clock up to the register and hold it so I wouldn’t have to carry it around the whole store.  It is very unlikely to receive this kind of customer service anywhere you go to.  That is one of the many parts of Kirkland’s I enjoy.

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Another positive aspect to Kirkland’s is their prices and ability to receive coupons.  While I was at the register, I was able to sign up for the Kirkland’s mailing list.  This allows customers to receive coupons every week.  An example of a coupon that Kirkland’s supply is $10 off when you spend $50.  On top of the weekly coupons, Kirkland’s offers sales such as 25% off and higher on select items in the store every week.

Another benefit to Kirkland’s is that their clearance section is awesome.  It isn’t just a clearance section that is full of junk that won’t clear the shelves, or items that have been broken, or items are missing from them.  I was able to purchase a frog lamp for around $4.  It is always worth going to Kirkland’s to see what sales and deals they have.

The beautiful décor that Kirkland’s offer is perfect for a house or an apartment.  Kirkland’s customer service and great prices keeps me going back for more!

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