Kohl’s, A honest review of an amazing department store!

I used to love shopping at American Eagle and used to love their clothes until I discovered Kohl’s. I walked into the store and thought wow they have alot better prices than American Eagle. I really enjoyed being able to go into the store without being hounded. At American Eagle, you were always approached at the door, asking what are you shopping for, then later asked again if you were finding everything ok.

At Kohl’s you are allowed to just shop and look around at your own convienace. Nor does the store just have clothes, but It has perfumes, shoes, jewlery, house accesories, home goods,gift cards, appliances, etc. I could spend hours in here just looking around, enjoying myself.

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The wokers are also very helpful when you ask them for help or if you cannot find anything that you are looking for. Kohl’s customer service is also amazing, the best that any other store could possibly have.  Even if you do not have a reciept, they will let you go back and find something for the price that is on the ticket of the clothing. They will give you no hassel either.

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Another thing about Kohl’s that I really enjoy is that they pay you to shop. This is what is known as Kohl’s cash. This means that for every fifty dollars you spend, you get ten dollars Kohl’s cash to spend anyway you want. Come on folks, what other store would you want to shop at with all of this? Not American Eagle and definitely not Wal-Mart!!!!!

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One Response to Kohl’s, A honest review of an amazing department store!

  1. Bob on September 29, 2010 at 3:50 PM

    I assume that the person writing this “honest review” is the age on her handle, “missmegzy13″. I can tell this because the only Kohl’s that has all the great things she talks about is on Mars. I have been to my local “dump” called Kohl’s a few times before I finally learned my lesson. I know I only have myself to blame, but my experience has been that the products are arranged by some demented moron in a mental hospital.

    Case in point, my wife asked me to get some electric toothbrush replacements that were on sale, and of course, after wandering around aimlessly trying to find where in the world they could be, I finally asked a sales clerk. She didn’t know, but promised to ask someone. The reason why she didn’t know quickly became apparent when she was politely told by a more senior clerk, I guess, that they could be found in “Vacuums” section.

    How could I miss that logic? I have been in the store several times before to get discounts on shoes only to find EACH time that my size evidently doesn’t exist in the Kohl’s shoe world. I know 8 1/2 is an odd size, but I couldn’t help noticing that they seemed to have every other size (even in half sizes) including several pair which could only have been purchased by Sasquatch or its mother as a Christmas present for him.

    To be fair, I did find a couple of pairs of trousers that fit (very rare, but hope springs eternal), and carried them with me to the shoe department where I foolishly set them down for a nanosecond to confirm that absolutely zero pair of shoes came in my size, and when I returned to the fitting bench where I had left my merchandise…”POOF!” they apparently had been vaporized by some alien life force, or else a “helpful employee”

    (I know that’s an oxymoron where Kohl’s is concerned) decided not to check if the customer in the next aisle might have set them there but snarfed them up like a mongrel after a dropped french fry. Where the trousers went, God only knows, but I have definitely learned my lesson. The only way I will EVER go into another another Kohl’s is at the point of an Uzi.

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