Liberty Pontiac GMC ripoff scam – Where’s my bedliner you still owe me!

Liberty Pontiac GMC ripoff scam

They don't honor promises at Liberty Pontiac GMC – a very shady car dealership!

I replaced my old Chevy Silverado truck with the newer GMC Sierra truck. I got a fairly decent deal on the truck and it had everything I wanted and more except I wanted a bedliner to protect the truck bed. When the deal was written up at liberty Pontiac GMC in Matthews, North Carolina I was promised a truck bed liner would be thrown in.

After I finish with the finance office had signed all the paperwork I was told that they were currently out of bed liners for my model of truck. I understand that that can happen and so I told him to call me as soon as they got it in. They said they would do that. One week one by and then another. So I called my car salesman and inquired as to where the truck bed liner and if it was going to be there soon.

Well it turned out that my car salesman or truck salesman or what ever you want to call him had left the dealership. They wouldn’t tell me if he had quit or had been fired, all they would say was he was no longer with them. So I asked the salesman I was speaking to if they could find out where my truck bed liner was and when I could come by and pick it up.  He said he didn’t know anything about it but he would look into it with the manager and call me back if I would give him my name and phone number.  So I did and I waited for several days and he never called me back nor did the manager.

So I called back to liberty Pontiac GMC and asked to speak to one of the sales managers.  I remember the name of the sales manager I spoke to he stated that the salesperson that I dealt with had left the company under bad terms in that he might’ve promised me something but that they couldn’t deliver on it.  I said the sales manager and the salesperson both Thomas may that they would throw in a truck bed liner for my truck as a part of the purchase.  He said he would go pull the deal and look it over and call me back.  So I waited.

And once again a few hours turned into a day and this turned into several more days.  Apparently they were not to good at calling people back and customer service was a little lax to say the least.  So once again I called back and asked to speak to a sales manager.  This time I was told that they were all busy working deals with customers.  I told the lady that I spoke to that I was a customer and I’ve been trying to get some fixed for several weeks now that I was owed by the car dealership.  She took down my name and number and said that she would have the management staff call me.

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Once again, I waited and waited and waited.  It was like waiting for a phone call that will never come.  Currently the management staff there did not want to give me the truck bed liner that they had agreed to give me when I purchased my truck.  This will be called bad and unethical business practices.  They made a deal with me and they owe me a truck bed liner.  I don’t know why I have to go through all this just to get a truck bed liner.  Maybe I shouldn’t have picked up my vehicle that day until they put the bedliner in it?  But how would I have gotten home as they took in my vehicle on trade.

Now they want to blame the owed truck bed liner on a truck salesman that is no longer employed there.  Maybe this would be feel they don’t have to fulfill their obligation.  At least I have it in writing that I am owed a bedliner.  I will just go and turn this matter over to the Better Business Bureau and my state attorney general if it takes that.  I also have the option of suing them in court as I do have it in writing that I am owed a truck bed liner for my truck. 

All I can say is this is very shady business behavior.  All they had to do was honor what they said and give me the truck bed liner that they owed me.  A truck bed liner can’t cost more than $100 or $200 and that must be a drop in the bucket for this car dealership.  I don’t see why they would screw over a good paying customer over a little tiddly thing like this.  Sorry you all think twice before going to liberty Pontiac GMC as you might end up getting the same runaround I did and getting screwed over.

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One Response to Liberty Pontiac GMC ripoff scam – Where’s my bedliner you still owe me!

  1. Daniel Vail on July 8, 2010 at 10:41 PM

    I can understand why some or even most new car dealerships have to operate like we’re back in the 60s or 70s. They are definitely not out for long-term relationships with customers when they try to rip them off for as much as possible. Every time I try to purchase a vehicle they try and sell me all these overpriced gizmos, gadgets and warranties. Don’t they understand that when I find out or see that I’ve been ripped off that I will not return to their business and seek a better car dealership?

    My advice here is that if this liberty Pontiac GMC dealer does not give you what they promised you (bed liner) and you have it in writing then take them to court. Not only will they have to give you what they owe you they will also have to pay the court costs and any approved legal fees by the judge. I hate sleazy car dealers that promise you the world and never deliver on it.

    Also I would report them to your local Better Business Bureau because all new car dealers are members and have to negotiate or agree to mediation on disputes like this. Most likely they’ll have to give you the bed liner, especially if you have it in writing.

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