Listerine brand mouthwash review and how it works better then the leading brands in treating foot fungus!

listerine foot fungus treatment

Listerine works great at killing bad breath germs, cavities, gingivitis and now foot fungus!

Off and on in the past I had used Listerine antiseptic and mouthwash. I never really liked the taste or smell of it and when I was young I grew up poor and we didn’t have the money in my family to buy Listerine at $4 a bottle. But lately I had come down with a severe case of foot fungus on both of my feet.

This foot fungus was a result of the fact that my doctor (dermatologist) had seen my case of acne as being so serious that I needed to be put on Accutane even after all of the warnings out there that can cause bouts of depression and even lead to suicide – not to mention they can also kill your liver and cause irrepairable harm to your body.

The reason the foot fungus was a result of the Accutane is that the Accutane causes your body to cease production of oils which normally protect your skin. It also causes your skin to dry out. When this happened at my feet it was like basically been the front door open for foot fungus and other infections.

The fungus I got all my feet was so bad that none of the over-the-counter treatments and remedies available at my local drugstore (like Micatin) would work. Then my mother told me to use and apply Listerine to it. It would burn a little bit when I put the Listerine on the affected areas, but the burning sensation quickly went away. Within one day I ready felt great relief from the itching and uncomfortableness of the foot fungus.

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Within just a few days you could see a remarkable difference in my feet. Within one week the foot fungus was completely gone. That was amazing! And all for product that’s primary use is as a mouthwash, not for treating severe cases of foot fungus! Must be there’s something pretty powerful in the ingredients of Listerine.

As for regular use as a mouthwash and to cure or treat bad breath (halitosis), Listerine works great, but it’s a little bit on the expensive side when you can consider that almost every drugstore or grocery store now offers a generic version of it for about half of the price.

Listerine – it kills plaque, gingivitis and now foot fungus! So you never know what other uses you might get from Listerine as it worked great for my severe case of foot fungus. You should always keep a bottle on hand just in case you need it. But to save a few dollars I would deftly go with the generic brands rather than the name brand.

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One Response to Listerine brand mouthwash review and how it works better then the leading brands in treating foot fungus!

  1. Harry Peterson on July 28, 2010 at 11:14 AM

    That is definitely something I never would have thought of. To use Listerine mouthwash for treating foot fungus. It probably works better then the prescription drugs out there and has no unhealthy side effects. Good tip! If I ever get rampant foot fungus I will have to give it a try. I have never had foot fungus and hopefully it stays that way.

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