Marina Del Ray Toyota Scion, lies from their sales manager and sales staff and a completely outrageous $750 dealer processing fee

Marina Del Ray toyota complaint

Marina Del Ray Toyota Scion – the land of the $750 dealer processing fee and numerous lies to boot!

I happened to be in the market for a new car. I went to several car dealerships and then I found the car that I wanted at Marina Del Ray Toyota Scion (4636 Lincoln Blvd, Marina del Rey CA) in the suburbs of Los Angeles California. It turned out that decision was a big mistake and a complete waste of time.

Upon negotiating the price of the car we came to a severe impass – the $750 dealer processing fee. I asked the salesperson (Chad) what this was for and they couldn’t answer and had to get the sales manager. The sales manager told me that this takes care of transportation costs of the new cars which the manufacturer does not cover. It also covers detailing, initial servicing and filling up the car with a full tank of gas prior to make it available for test drives.

I showed him the window sticker which specifically states on it that those things are covered by the manufacturer. The sales  manager (Mr. Twoomey) told me that was a lie and a misprint. So we went to another vehicle and the window sticker said the exact same thing. The manager just shrugged his shoulders and said that the dealer processing fee was nonnegotiable and was added to every single vehicle that they sold both new and used.

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I told Mark Hughes to pay for something that the manufacturer pays for. The sales manager got disgusted with me and walked back to his office. So while I was sitting there waiting on them I pulled out my Blackberry and a little research on the Internet. I ended up going to a site called which had the actual invoices for the vehicles and showed that the transportation costs were taken care of in the invoice price.

So basically what this told me was that the entire $750 dealer processing fee at Marina Del Ray Toyota Scion was pure profit to the dealer and a complete scam. I wonder how many people per month pay the $750 B.S. fee? Well, let’s assume they’re a half ass cardealership and sell 500 cars a month. If you multiply the 500 x $750 you come up with $375,000 in extra profit per month!

That right there probably pays for the dealer’s country club membership, unlimited rounds of golf, limo rental for he and all his friends to each golf game, the mortgage payment on his multimillion dollar mansion, the bank note on his fleet of personal cars that probably include a Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and who knows what else (I doubt he owns or even drives a Toyota), etc… all his kids leases or mortgages so they can each have a million dollar house and not do crap for it (car dealers offspring are by trade notoriously lazy and snotty), big expensive vacations and more.  

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Well I wasn’t going to be a part of that and hopefully by writing this I will be putting everyone in the greater Los Angeles area on notice the shadiness and lies that occurred at Marina Del Ray Toyota scion over their ridiculous $750 dealer processing fee.  They can’t come up with a clear straight answer as to why they charge this fee.  All they can come up with is that it is nonnegotiable and it must be paid.  There needs to be some legislation here in California to make fees like this illegal.  There is no way a dealer should be allowed to charge $750 to everybody just because he wants to or because he wants to have insanely higher profits.

I left this car dealer and went to another Toyota dealer that only charged me a $99 dealer processing fee.  Not only was their dealer processing fee much, much lower, but the end price I got on the exact same vehicle was actually $600 less.   So by leaving Marina Del Ray Toyota Scion and going elsewhere I got treated better, found a more honest dealer, and saved over $1200 on the exact same vehicle!  My advice to anyone that reads this is to make sure you shop around these dealer processing fees.  And avoid any car dealer that charge is absurd $750 dealer processing fees and then lies to you about them.

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