McAfee Total Protection 2010 review – it’s greatly improved over 2009!

McAfee total protection 2010 review

I highly recommend McAfee total protection 2010!

I used to use Norton to protect my computers with.  But several years back I had a serious glitch where their program kept screwing up my computers.  It was so bad it was like the blue screen for Microsoft Windows where your system just locks up and you can’t do anything without a reboot.  Well after that I switched to McAfee.

Now McAfee wasn’t the best as it ever once a while in 2008 and 2009 would let some malware or spyware get by.  And in 2008 attacker also got through.  But in their changes from 2009 to 2010 they have made significant progress.  It used to be that especially if you downloaded torrents online from sites like the Pirate Bay or isohunt that you needed not just one good antivirus program, you needed several.

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But now, with the recent advances and improvements by McAfee, not one of these hackers or malware or spyware programs have been able to get through.  But just in case as a backup I also run Spybot which is a free anti spyware and malware program or utility.  With Spybot and McAfee now I have to hold confidence in my computer and system and have laid out that anyone can intrude them.

Now, the McAfee total protection 2010 retails for around $50, what is the tip for everyone here on I’m going to tell you exactly where you can go and get it for about $10 – Ebay.  That’s right, just look up McAfee total protection 2010 and pick one with three user licenses.  This way you can install it on your desktop or laptop and another computer if needed.

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If you only select a single user version you can only install it on one computer.  Another nice feature that McAfee has is that once you register online if you ever need to install or reinstall McAfee you can do a rate from their website.  This works great when my son somehow totally screwed up my wife’s laptop and we could not find the installation CD.  I just downloaded again from my online account. 

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I have used many different antivirus, firewall and other similar programs from Norton to AVG, Kaspersky and others.  McAfee with their total protection 2010 is clearly the best that I’ve seen.  And whereas it used to take up a ton of RAM and run really slow, it doesn’t do that anymore as it tends to run off of McAfee’s servers instead of solely off my computer.  A definitely recommend McAfee total protection 2010.

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2 Responses to McAfee Total Protection 2010 review – it’s greatly improved over 2009!

  1. Courtney F. on August 2, 2010 at 8:53 AM

    Dang, I just bought McAfee for $45. I wish I would have known to look on Ebay. That would have saved me $35! Dang!

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  2. s s pandit on November 13, 2010 at 12:44 AM

    problem in update since 3 oct 2010
    mcafee total protection installed in jan 2010
    version 5
    key no. CK020205000f03070e000c02

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