Meade Dodge Chrysler Jeep car repair reviews – Could this Detroit Michigan car dealership be the worst car dealership ever?

Meade Dodge Chrysler Jeep car repair reviews

Meade Dodge Chrysler Jeep was definitely a car dealership that you want to research first so you will know to avoid them!

You have to bear with me here as I am a little frantic and mad because I got ripped off by the service department at Meade Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram at 18001 Mack Avenue here in Detroit Michigan.  You see, what happened here is that I made a mistake – a big mistake!  I went to the local Dodge Chrysler dealer (Meade) and assumed that I would get good service and I didn’t bother to look them up on the internet and look into their car repair reviews.

Rule number one for everyone out there should be that you need to research any car dealer you’re going to do business with on the Internet prior to visiting that car dealer.  You need to see their car sales and repair reviews.  It doesn’t matter if you’re going to be buying a new car or if you’re going in to have your car serviced.  If I had done this I would’ve seen the ones of complaints out there about how bad this Detroit car dealership (Meade) really is.

But I made that mistake and didn’t do this research before I took my car in to be serviced.  And what did it cost me?  A lot.  I went in for oil change for my Chrysler Sebring and that was all that I thought that I needed.  The service advisor told me that my brake pads were completely worn down and needed to be replaced.  This was going to take a $30 oil change and now make it around $600!

Being that I didn’t know a whole lot about cars I told the service advisor okay.  While I was waiting in the waiting room and other customer and I started talking in the customer told me that I should ask to see the brake pads that are warned to make sure that they really were worn and that the service was really needed.  He told me he did that anytime that Meade Dodge Chrysler recommended he have the brake pads changed because a friend of him told him to do this as Meade had lied to him and recommended a brake pad change when they were less then 50% worn.

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He said by using this he avoided numerous bad recommendations by the service department at Meade Dodge Chrysler.  I asked him that if they were that bad why is he still a customer of theirs.  His response was that his wife’s close friend was a service advisor and he basically had no choice if he wanted her main on good terms with his wife and her family.  I told him that sucks.

But guess what?  I went back to my service advisor and asked them to see the brake pads that were worn.  What do you think I was told?  They told me that they had a ready from them out in the dumpster assuming that I didn’t want to see them and couldn’t get them back out of it.  That was really shady to me.  After that, when they were done with my car I left that car dealership never to go back there again.  I looked them up online with Google and found they had a ton of very negative car repair reviews out there.

Be careful with car dealerships like Meade Dodge Chrysler Jeep.  Do your research before hand on the Internet and you will find quickly whether you are dealing with a good car dealership or a ripoff.  This can save you a lot of time and frustration.  Look up their car repair reviews and you will see quickly what you might be getting yourself into.

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