Metro Honda Indian Trail NC car dealership review – very arrogant and pushy sales staff!

Metro Honda Indian Trail NC car dealership review

I went to Metro Honda and was meeted by a very pushy sales staff. I got disgusted and left and ended up buying a car at Hendrick Honda where I was treated nicely and with respect by Charlie Myers and Gabe Dragel.

I had been in a car accident recently and my Honda Accord that I previously bought at Crown Honda was deemed a complete loss by my insurance company.    So I needed a replacement and I decided to go to Metro Honda down in Indian Trail NC (south of Charlotte on I-74).    I soon found out that was a big mistake.

Metro Honda of Union County
4918 W Highway 74
Indian Trail, NC 28110
(866) 981-5891

I drove up and was met by a salesman named Gerald Little. He seemed nice at first, but he, upon finding that I was a real car buyer and needed a car because my previous one was wrecked became overly pushy. He was determined that I was going to buy a car right away whether or not it was the one I wanted and was happy with or not.

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When I kept telling Gerald the kind of car and colors I was interested in it was like he kept steering me in another direction to the car that he thought I should buy and not the one that I was interested in or that met my needs. It was a very frustrating and demeaning experience. I worked hard to get to where I am in life and I don’t like being talked down to and being told what I should and shouldn’t buy.

Then when I stood firm on the car that I wanted, not the car that Gerald kept trying to tell me was better for me, we then started to negotiate the price. This was ridiculous. I had the invoice pricing on all the models of the Honda Accord I was interested in (I got this information off of – a truly great resource that every car buyer needs to use prior to going into the car dealership so they don’t get lied to and ripped off).

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I told Gerald and his manager Duane Gorman (I still have all their business cards so I am sure of their names except Gerald’s card has his name spelled with a J and not a G, must be an error there) that I didn’t have all day to play games and that there were several Honda car dealerships in Charlotte that would give me the invoice price on the Honda Accord I selected right now (Hendrick Honda and Crown Honda are just two of them).

They tried to tell me how great their car dealership was and that their service was superior to anything else in any other car dealership in Charlotte North Carolina and the surrounding areas. That was pure hogwash and we all know that – every car dealership and their employees will tell you that. They will tell you whatever you need to hear to sell you a car. Then after you bought the car you’ll find out that it was all lies.

I told them I didn’t care to hear any of that crap and that if they couldn’t give me the invoice price on the car that I was walking. They then shuffled into an office with this person called the finance manager (David Helms – I have his business card also). This guy reminded me of a rat or weasel and he was rude, indifferent and mean. He tried to tell me just like Gerald did as to how this whole thing was going to go down and that he was in control here.

I did not like the tone of his voice or the way that he presented himself at all. Numerous times he talked down to me as if I were a dumb, blond female. He first quoted me some ridiculous car payments that were way out there. Far higher then would be reasonable on this car. Even with the extended car warranty (he told me it was around $2,000 for this warranty – I later found a far better warranty online for less then half of what he was trying to charge me and there was no buy that day requirement – it’s all high pressure sales there at Metro Honda) there was no way that car payment he quoted was anywhere near where it should have been.

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After a while of this I just got fed up to the point of no return and I got up, excused myself and left. They tried to get me to calm down and go back in the office. I wasn’t having anything to do with that. There is only so much down talk and belittling that I will take. I ended up going to the Carolina Place mall in Pineville for a little while to calm down and then I went to Hendrick Honda to look at cars over there.

I was at first met by another pushy car salesperson (he said his name was Kelvin or Calvin or something like that). I told him I was with service and wasn’t buying a car. So he left, good thing he did, because if he hadn’t I was probably going to get back in my car and leave. So I kept walking along and then I ran into this nice old gentleman named Charlie Myers. He was very nice and not pushy at all.

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I told him the car I was looking for and he found it and we took it for a test drive. When we got back I met his sales manager (Gabe Dragel – I have his business card too). He was also very nice and not pushy either. I told them of the terrible treatment that I got at Metro Honda and they said that wouldn’t happen at Hendrick Honda. They gave me the invoice price straight off and didn’t play any games with me so I bought my car there.

I must say, if you’re going to buy a car in the nearby Charlotte area do not go to Metro Honda down there in Indian Trail. They are so pushy they will try and cram a car whether you want it or not down your throat. First go online and print out the invoice prices for the car you want at and then go to Hendrick Honda and ask specifically for Charlie Myers and Gabe Dragel – they will quickly give you the invoice price. I highly recommend them. I do not recommend Metro Honda at all.

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  1. CDR on April 3, 2011 at 10:09 PM

    Terrible it is. I know what are you angry for. Customers are always right. right?

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