Midori Asian spa sensual massage review – this place is great, the girls are cute and they do give happy finishes and then some!

Midori Asian spa sensual massage review

Midori Asian Spa is freaking awesome – the best damn massages you ever dreamed of from the hottest Asian chicks alive!

I used to go to Massage Envy here in North Charlotte for a Swedish massage or hot stone therapy every once in a while when I was feeling the effects and stress from my job – if you didn’t know sales can be very stressful. But I wanted something more. The girls that gave me massages at Massage Envy weren’t cute at all and I wanted something better.

I was talking to a friend of mine about this while having lunch at Mert’s in downtown Charlotte (if you live in Charlotte you need to try Mert’s blackened salmon dinner – yummy). Anyway, he listened to what I said and told me he had been going to this massage parlor that was run by these smoking hot Asian girls. I always had a thing for hot Asian girls so I really perked up in more ways then one when I heard this.

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I mean, think about it – getting a hot massage from a smoking hot Asian chick – what could possibly be better then that? My friend told me he goes there once a week and that if you tip well they will really take care of you. What ever you want, according to my friend they would take care of you for the right price. That sounded like just what I needed.

Then my friend told me that it wasn’t much more than the standard rate in Charlotte for a massage – $60 to $80. I was sold. He told me the Midori Asian Spa was located down on Old Pineville Rd. So I waited for the weekend and went to pay the fine girls at Midori Asian Spa a visit – I wanted a smoking hot massage from a hot Asian girl. I was looking forward to this!

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Midori Asian Spa
4740 Old Pineville Road
Charlotte NC 28217

I got there and had to wait about 15 minutes and then this smoking hot – I mean, like one of the hottest Asian girls I had ever laid my eyes on came out and took me to the room for my massage. She gave me a awesome massage far better then the ladies at Massage Envy ever did. Plus this smoking hot Asian Chick was dressed very skimpy and she kept rubbing herself on me – not all the time, but just enough for me to know that there was more if I wanted it.

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When she was working my shoulders at one point she pulled my head up and placed it right in her tight crotch as she kept working my shoulders – man that was hot! She then asked me if I wanted an additional pleasurable massage. I said, “Hell Yeah!” She then asked me for an additional $50 cash and she went and locked the door. Then she started to disrobe and gave me a rub down naked.

Then she told me to turn over and she took my towel off and she massaged me all over down there and it was amazing. She did even more and I loved every minute of it – no complains here! I must say that is the best damn massage I have ever had and I am now a regular customer there at Midori Asian Spa. I highly recommend this place for the best damn massage you will ever have and the time of your life!

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