Morris Halloween Costumes superstore review – Need a fantastic halloween costume? Morris has it!

Morris Costumes halloween costume superstore review

I was looking for quality halloween costumes that would last through the years with my kids and I found the best place – Morris Costume Superstore!

As it is getting closer to Halloween I was looking for a couple of different Halloween costumes for my family. We’re looking for some comic book characters and similar for the kids (maybe something from Toy Story 3, How to train your dragon, etc…) and then somethingSexy and hot for my wife (we have baby sitters and are going out to a Halloween party at a friend’s house). I was disappointed with the costumes at places like Wal_mart and Party City and ended up going to Morris Costumes Superstore on Monroe Rd. here in Charlotte NC to look at Halloween costumes.

Before I talk about Morris costumes, I must say I was very disappointed with the selection at Wal-Mart. Party City had a much larger selection of a lot of the stuff they had was really cheap. I mean these are costumes are so cheap that if you wore it this would be a one time thing and even then it may not last through the night. They are very cheap and rip really easily.

The same goes for the costumes at Wal-Mart that I saw. They were also really cheap, but atleast the ones at Wal-Mart were half the price of the ones at party city for the exact same costumes. But then I got to Morris costumes and I was really impressed. They had a massive selection and the quality and build of their costumes was far greater.

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Yes their costumes on average were more sensitive than those that either Wal-Mart or party city, but if you consider the fact that I can reuse these costumes with the kids for several years than they actually end up being cheaper. I mean if you buy a costume for your kids and can only is it one time and you can’t recycle it to the younger kids when they grow a little older then what is the use?

It’s great when you only have to buy one or two costumes per year when you have a family of six. Recycling the costumes through the years saves a ton of money. Also it’s neat to see what each kid looks like in the same costume and for the older kids to be able to look back and know that they look like when they wore that costume.

They also had fancier and more expensive costumes but I really wasn’t looking for anything above $50 a costume. And they had plenty of great quality costumes in my price range. My wife’s costume that I picked out for her was a little bit more, but it’s a really hot and sexy costume and I can’t wait to see her in it or even better to get her out of it when we get back from the party on Halloween!

If you’re looking for a Halloween costume then you won’t find a better place then Morris Costumes at 4300 Monroe Rd. in Charlotte North Carolina. You can also find them at

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One Response to Morris Halloween Costumes superstore review – Need a fantastic halloween costume? Morris has it!

  1. Stan the man on October 28, 2010 at 1:15 PM

    I use Party City for costumes sometimes and haven’t had a problem with them.

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