Northcross Eye Associates Huntersville NC Complaint – Disrespectful Employees That Can’t Do Their Jobs Correctly!

Last week I called Northcross Eye Associates in Huntersville, NC to make an appointment for the following week.  There are a couple other eye doctors within the area, but I had found on the internet that they had high ratings from others that went there.  When I called, the receptionist was really friendly to me and I felt comfortable making my appointment. 

I was able to make my appointment for the following week on a Wednesday for 11 a.m.  I was coming from work which was about a half an hour away, so it was a little bit of a drive but it was the only time of the day I could make the appointment.  On that Wed. I had headed to Northcross Eye Associates and arrived at approximately 10:45.

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When I walked in there was a receptionist at the front desk and a sign in sheet.  As I was signing in, the receptionist had asked me what my last name was.  When I told her my last name, I had also told her the time my appointment was scheduled.  She started telling me that I wasn’t scheduled at all, and I responded that I had made the appointment a week ago. She said that she couldn’t find me at all and made me feel like an idiot that was trying to get in without an appointment.

I looked around the waiting room and there was one other person there.  I didn’t understand why she couldn’t just fit me in where my scheduled time was because there was no one else there and all I needed was an eye exam and order contacts.  It wasn’t like I needed to order glasses or look for anything because I knew the type of contacts I wanted to order.

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Instead she told me that she could fit me in at 12:30 and I was pissed because I needed to get back to work since I was on my lunch break.  Luckily I was able to take a longer lunch break and was able to come back for my eye exam.  I was just extremely pissed because there was no one in the damn waiting room nor the parking lot outside.  I decided to take that because I didn’t want to have to take another day’s lunch to come all the way to Northcross.

When I returned, they acted like nothing was wrong and that nothing ever happened.  As I was waiting in the waiting area, I had heard the employees making fun of other patients that had been there earlier in the day.  I know this happens everywhere, but to the point where other patients in the waiting area can here is ridiculous.  The employees at Northcross Eye Associates have no respect for their clients at all.

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I had gone through the process of the eye exam and then had been moved into a room for the doctor to look at my eyes and to check that the prescription strength was correct.  As I was waiting for the doctor to come into the room, I heard him talking to the front receptionist about a patient that had an eye problem. He had stated that she was absolutely disgusting and he tried to refer her to another doctor but that doctor had said not to refer her to him because he didn’t want to go near her. 

He was laughing with the receptionist loudly and cracking jokes about that patient.  When he came into the room, it was definitely him that was telling this story.  I would not recommend anyone to go to Northcross Eye Associates for any of your eye needs.  They are rude and not respectful of you or your personal information no matter if you are even there!!

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2 Responses to Northcross Eye Associates Huntersville NC Complaint – Disrespectful Employees That Can’t Do Their Jobs Correctly!

  1. Dawn Klingensmith on February 7, 2011 at 11:22 AM

    The fact the staff said those things within earshot of a patient is inexcusable. However, on the matter of not being able to “squeeze you in,” though the waiting room and parking lot seemed empty, it may have been for good reason — the doctor may not have even been there. Doctors plan around scheduled office appointments to visit nursing homes, do on-site school vision tests, run personal errands — any number of things. It probably was the case that, for whatever reason, you could not be seen by the doctor until 12:30. Everything else — bungling your appointment in the first place, acting inappropriately around patients — is inexcusable. If that is business as usual for them, they will lose their patients and referrals.

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  2. Patricia on February 22, 2012 at 10:33 AM

    Terrible experience at Northcross Eye Associates. The employees are rude and arrogant. I will never be going there again.

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