Online Universities like University of Phoenix aren’t all bad – I got a great college education and it fit into my busy schedule.

University of phoenix online university

University of Phoenix gave me a chance to get a college degree, get a better job and have more time to spend with my family.

I have read some of the posts on here that were very negative towards University of Phoenix and online universities in general. I can completely understand where people are coming from as there are some scams out there, But let me tell you I went to one of these online universities and got a great education for a good price that fit into my hectic schedule. I have kids and I work two jobs and so no regular college would have fit into my schedule.

The university I attended was University of Phoenix. I end up with a 4 year degree in business in a little over three years. What I really loved was there was no set class times or meeting times and I could do everything I needed to do online. This was very convenient for me because most of my free time I find is in the middle of the night when my children are asleep.

With my two jobs there is no way that I can take time off to go across town to the local for your school here in Blacksburg Virginia (Virginia Tech). Plus, who knows whether they would even accept me or not as I hadn’t been in school in years. But with the economy being the way that it is college and school are very important to everyone. Just because one works two jobs during the day doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a chance to go to college. University of Phoenix and their online college classes gave me this chance.

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The instructors I had world-class and many of them actually taught at Virginia Tech and other schools. So it wasn’t like we had unqualified professors. Everything was very organized and it was a wonderful learning experience for me. I qualified for financial aid and the financial aid department made things very easy for me. They also help me to find a job that was related to my degree and paid more than twice what I was earning with my two jobs when I was done. I have friends that have gone to Virginia Tech and can’t find a job and yet I did with my degree from the University of Phoenix.

So, to answer the posts where people said the University of Phoenix is a scam, from my own personal experience it definitely was not. Everyone there was extremely nice and helpful to me from the beginning all the way until after I graduated. I keep in close contact with many of my professors and some of them have become personal friends of mine. It was not free and I had to pay some of my tuition and the rest had some student loans involved, but I am faithfully paying those off and they should be paid off within the next few years.

To me, going to the University of Phoenix was worth its weight in gold. I used to work 80 to 100 hours a week and still wondered how to make ends meet. Now I have a job where I work around 40 hours or so (give or take a few here and there) and I have more time to spend with my children, my wife and even some hobbies! My quality of life is just unbelievable now. Whereas before I was worried about how to put food on the table, now I make sure that I donate to local food banks and volunteered in my extra time to help those who are worse off.

Hopefully I can help others the way the university of phoenix and their staff has helped me.

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3 Responses to Online Universities like University of Phoenix aren’t all bad – I got a great college education and it fit into my busy schedule.

  1. Roger W. on September 19, 2010 at 4:07 PM

    I think this had to have been written by someone at University of Phoenix. Every employer would hire a grad from a quality university like Virginia Tech far before they would ever think of stooping low enough to even look at a University of Phoenix grad. The University of Phoenix degree is absolutely worthless – that was actually stated on NBC!

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  2. unknown on September 22, 2010 at 9:45 AM

    I find Roger’s response to be pretty funny actually. How much research did you have to do to come up with your reasoning why University of Phoenix degrees are worthless…oh yeah, NBC was your research. As a fellow grad, University of Phoenix was able to set me up with proper expectations in the work environment. Most University’s are teaching students concepts that are at least 5 years old. Wonder why? Well to fill you in, those colleges are actually using a printed book which takes a year or two to publish, then a short time to get into the school’s book store, and then you either buy them new or used. So your concept of the market place lacks what is happening in the new market place. During my education I worked on simulations that mimic current events within companies teaching me to learn from my mistakes in the classroom and be prepared for the future of the business world. I would be happy to say that for you and the rest of the people who challenge the University of Phoenix do your research. It would look as if this is something your college or university forgot to teach you during your tenure.

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  3. JackK on February 9, 2011 at 4:11 PM

    Apparently, the University of Phoenix doesn’t consider proper grammar to be a cornerstone of higher education. Both of the graduates shown here wouldn’t pass a ninth-grade English class, let alone graduate from a real university.

    The unknown poster should follow his own advice and research before speaking. Authentic universities are far more suitable and acceptable to employers than online, for-profit diploma mills like University of Phoenix. Many of them are under federal investigation for fraud and any HR rep in the country will tell you how undesirable these online “graduates” are to the real world.

    Authentic universities have existed for centuries and there are many good reasons why the smartest people in our society attend them. If University of Phoenix is so wonderful and groundbreaking, then why are their students so unemployable? Why do they rely on shady recruitment, misleading advertising and websites like this to retain students? Real universities don’t have to lie and they don’t have to advertise.

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