Overstock.com review – a great online buying resource for great prices!

Overstock review great buying resource

Overstock.com is just an awesome buying resource! Great return policy and even better customer service!

I used to buy a lot of stuff off of eBay and Amazon.com, but I found that there was an awful lot of fraudulant sellers on those places. And feedback is no longer a trustable method of rating or knowing who your seller is – believe me, I bought items from sellers that had over 100,000 positive feedbacks on eBay only to get screwed and not be shipped the item I purchased or be sent the wrong item (usually something entirely different and far cheaper). Maybe the seller had his account taken over by a hacker or some other scumbag online thief, but regardless I was the one that got screwed – that was until I found Overstock.com.

Unlike eBay and Amazon.com, overstock.com has a very low fixed shipping rate for each item that you buy. Yes Amazon.com will give you free shipping for one or two shipments but it’s what I catch your joining some yearly shipping plan that the costs run $100 a year or so. If you buy a lot of stuff that might be worth it, but I only buy one item here and there. I like overstock.com because are not trying to push all these e-mails real heavy like on me like eBay and Amazon do. Amazon and eBay literally spam me to death with e-mails about what I might like but I really don’t, and similar.

That’s one of the things I really like about Overstock.com. They don’t send me all kinds of harrassing e-mails on an almost daily basis like eBay does. Another great thing is it’s not an auction Sedo have the worry about someone outbidding you in the last 2 seconds. Almost every item I’ve tried to buy on eBay got sniped away from me in the last few seconds. And many times the auction prices just gets pushed too high.

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On overstock.com it’s not an auction. The price that is posted is the price you pay if that’s what you agree and you want to pay for. And there’s no hidden high cost shipping charges late there can be and usually is on eBay. Generally speaking the shipping prices are also higher on Amazon.com but not quite as bad as eBay. The selection on overstock.com is great and you will be sent a brand-new item unlike Amazon.com were sometimes they’ll tell you it’s brand-new and it comes to your reconditioned instead.

You won’t find that on overstock.com. I got a great deal on an awesome dual suspension mountain bike and it cost a lot less to have it shipped to my house than I thought. I also love their no hassle return policy – it’s far better than the ones at Amazon.com and eBay. You don’t have to file a complaint and wait weeks to have it resolved. If you buy something through overstock.com and you don’t like it for whatever reason you can ship it back. Their return policy is pretty much just like zappos.com – and that puts them in the best in the industry.

What I also like is I can peruse the web and find coupons and coupon codes on websites like Mommysavesbig for overstock.com fairly often that will give me free shipping or as much is 10% to 30% off of the item I am buying. Whether you’re buying a watch for your girlfriend, jewelry, computers or the latest book or novel you will find it at a great discount at Overstock.com!

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