P & D Automotive Systems review – stay away from P and D Automotive salvage yard and their website PandDauto.com for used parts – they are rude and will rip you off!

P & D Automotive Systems review

Do not buy used car parts from either P & D Automotive Systems or Their website PandDauto.com! They are rude and will screw you over and rip you off if given the chance!

I purchased a part for my Volvo S80 recently from PandDauto.com (the website for P&D Automotive in Pelham NC). It turned out I didn’t need the part so I called the very next day and asked that they credit back my credit card as they had the part and could easily sell it to someone else. I was very nice and polite – they were not!

P and D Automotive Systems
194 Red Marshall Rd.
P.O.Box 210
Pelham N.C. 27311

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They basically told me to get bent with some expletives thrown in – really nice guys they have there in customer service and answering the phone at P & D automotive Systems. One was laughing when he told me it would be a cold day in hell before I would get my money back. They had the part and my money. That is just plain wrong. I didn’t sign anything stating that there were no refunds no did I make any agreement to the same.

So, I took the matter up with PayPal – the payment method I chose for this transaction. I used my PayPal credit card to make the purchase. So, I filed a complaint with PayPal. For over a month PayPal representative Alison tried to handle my case. First she said she was going to file a chargeback, but then when she found I did not have the part and P and D Automotive Systems was not going to deliver it she found she couldn’t do that.

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Next she tried to get the mean morons at P & D Automotive Systems to refund me the $240 or so for my purchase. Her side was it is against PayPal policy for the seller to have both the money and the part. According to Alison at PayPal, it turns out that she cannot make P and D automotive refund me for the item they have and could easily sell to someone else.

So, after several weeks the morons at P and D Automotive Systems are now determined that they can get away with ripping me off by keeping both the item that I purchased and the money. I will be escalating this matter by writing a complaint to the BBB, NC attorney general (Roy Cooper), and I will be posting this matter and the unfair and unethical behavior of the employees and staff of P and D Automotive Systems for all the world to see on the internet on every consumer reporting website out there.

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If you need used parts for your car or truck then do not order from PandAuto.com or P and D Automotive Systems. You can also find them on Car-parts.com. That is how I found them and I will also be lodging a complaint there too as I don’t want anyone else to get treated with such disrespect and get ripped off like I did by P and D Automotive Systems in Pelham NC.

Let me warn you – do not deal with these guys – they will rip you off, screw you over and keep your money unjustly like they did to me. Do not buy used parts from Either P & D Automotive or PandDauto.com (their website). If you have been ripped off or screwed over by P and D Automotive then please leave a comment with your contact info so I can get in touch with you and we can help get this unethical company closed down for good.

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One Response to P & D Automotive Systems review – stay away from P and D Automotive salvage yard and their website PandDauto.com for used parts – they are rude and will rip you off!

  1. drew on August 5, 2011 at 12:32 AM

    sorry but ….you’re not too swift are you…just read your post.
    you purchased a part online than tried to send it back,,nothing wrong with the part….brilliant !

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