Public Storage-$1 For First Month is Really a Scam!!

Public Storage sucks!

As my girlfriend and I were looking for places to store our things before we were able to move into our apartment, I wondered where the best place was to for storage.  I had looked all over for the best deals, but one that stood out from a TV advertisement was Public Storage.  So, I looked to see where they were located and there was one about a mile away from where our new apartment was.

The TV advertisement that I remembered the most was rent for the first month would be $1.  So I looked online at the prices more in depth and it said that this was an online deal.  I chose the one that was located near our new apartment and it was $37 each month.  I then thought this was a perfect deal and a perfect fit for my budget.

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So then I had reserved a 5’ x 5’ unit and took a trip to Public Storage the next day to look at the units and possibly sign a contract.  When we got there we had to wait for a man that was showing units to other possible renters so we had to wait about 20 minutes.  I was really interested in this deal they had, so I decided to wait and not leave.

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When the man was ready to help us, we then went to see what the units looked like.  The unit was perfect for what we needed, so we then went up to the office to review a contract.  When I asked him about the $1 for the first month, he gave me this weird look.  I was thinking to myself, I thought this deal was too good to be true.  He said well actually you will need to pay an administrative fee of $22.00 and then the $1 rent fee.  So basically they don’t tell you all the terms and condition until you are ready to sign a contract.

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Public storage has falsely been advertising that there rent is only $1 for the first month for a long time now!!  Unless Public Storage is the last resort, do not rent a storage unit because you can’t trust them unless you ask questions!!!

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9 Responses to Public Storage-$1 For First Month is Really a Scam!!

  1. Eddie Resner on June 26, 2010 at 12:24 PM

    I used them once to store some bedroom furniture and then I ended up getting really sick out of nowhere and ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks. Because I was unable to talk to anyone let alone pay my bills they sold off the contents of my storage unit and never even told me about it until I came by to pay my bill. I hate these morons and I am currently working with several attorneys as we are going to be suing them into the ground.

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  2. lu on September 29, 2010 at 1:32 PM

    I have been with Public storage for about 9 years. Why ? Becasue I cannot get out ! Originaly I put my things into storage with them becasue they were close and my job required me to be transfered to the USA for 3 -4 months every year. I was lucky to be renting a small bach. type place, but had to store my things during my transfers. One year I was injured at work, and have not been able to do the same type of job that I have been doing for over 20 years. I got minimal compensation so my bills piled up and I could not make all the payments in full.

    PS has been adding monthly $50.00 ‘letter fees’ becasue they say they have to cut and change the locks every month. Well I have NOT been in the unit for about 5 years, so they are cutting thier own locks I guess. I am current with my rent, just not with all the ‘letter’ fees. I have explained all that to them and at one point they told me if I could come up with an extra $150.00 of late fees, they would take off the other $150.00 in late fees and I could move out (I had an empty garage lined up). I paid up the requested $150.00 late fee, but by then the garage was rented out to someone else.

    I paid my following month’s rent, and told them that I think I had found another place, but they added the $150.00 back on again. A few months later, I went to pay my rent on the 30th of the month and no one was in the office. (It was around lunch time). I put the check in their ‘payment slot’ in the front door (marked ‘payment drop off’) and the next month got hit with another $50.00 ‘letter fee’When I asked them about it, they said that they did not find the check until the next morning (the 1st) and that made me technically late enough for the $50.00 ‘letter fee’.

    Of al these letter fees, I have only gotten about 4 letters and I have paid in excess of at least $1,000.00 in ‘letter fees’ over an dabove the regular rent I pay them. Today when I called to speak to the manager about why I was only credited for 1 month of rent when I personally gave him 2 months of rent in CASH, the Cust. Serv. rep. told me that I have to learn to speak English. I am born and raised in Canada. If anything I have been told that I have a slight British accent. I am very offended about that. If you call the regional manager, all you get is a voice mail and never get a reply ,no matter how often you call and leave messages.

    Avoid Public Storage like the plague !!!!

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  3. Ramel on November 6, 2010 at 6:00 PM

    Is it really a scam? Its not false advertisement because you actually do pay $1 rent for the first month. The $22 is just a fee, not rent.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Public Storage either. I used to work for them and hated it.

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  4. jess on November 14, 2010 at 12:45 AM

    Public Storage is an absolute scam! They have disgusting, deceptive business practices, and their employees do not understand the meaning of Customer Service. I stored my things there for a few months, and was charged tons of fees for being even one day late- or so they said. I usually mailed in payments about 4-5 days before it was due, and they claimed to receive it late. I had never been more that a day or two late, until I got sick. I was in the hospital and Public Storage sold everything I owned, including personal documents and all of my belongings…without even giving me any kind of notice that my stuff was being auctioned off. NO phone call to me, NO letter in the mail (my roommate was bringing my mail to the hospital for me), NO form of communication. This company does not care about anyone. I would do anything to get my things back. This is absolutely devastating! This company is just selling peoples lives without any notice…if you think this won’t happen to you because you pay your bills on time – you could be wrong, and your life could be ruined too. Using Public Storage was the absolute biggest mistake of my life!

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  5. Mike on November 26, 2010 at 8:40 PM

    The rent is $1 for the first month. The admin fee of $22 applies whether you’re paying $1 for the first month’s rent or $50 for the first month’s rent.

    So the rent really is $1. Whatever the rent, you still have the admin fee. The advertisement is about the rent rate for the first month, it does not say $1 moves you in.

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  6. Shena on December 2, 2010 at 6:12 PM

    This place is full of shit. Can you believe they charge you almost 80.00 in late fee? I rent from the unit on Jones Mill Road in Norcross, Georgia. He will cut your lock and sell your items way before the auction date. I paid my bill before the date and when I got to my unit all my valuables were gone. His name is Art

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  7. joey on August 18, 2011 at 11:07 AM

    yea i *&#^$% hate publix storage but there is nothing i can do because i need to have my things stored and do not want to loose them but the thing i hate and dont understand is why i have to pay 140+ tax for the unit that is a size bigger then the smallest ones and ive been there for about a year and always pay my rent ontime? not to mention that my sisters friend had a public storage unit the same size but was in a/c and paid the same amout as im paying now. i think they keep tacking on new fews. can something be done? work has been really slow and we have been having trouble coming up with almost $200 for a unit that sucks!! someone needs to sue the pants of them asap.

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  8. Cam on August 22, 2011 at 3:56 AM

    To the person that said they sold your stuff after 3 weeks of being late. The contract *clearly* states that your unit is not in lien (i.e. cut the lock) until it is late more than 30 days.

    I don’t like Public Storage but I did work and rent there. People don’t even pay attention when they sign these contracts EVEN IF YOU TRY TO EXPLAIN IT TO THEM!

    People will come up with all kinds of reasons for not paying on time. One lady told me that she was on her way to pay and a piece of the space shuttle fell out of the sky and hit her car. Seriously, if you can’t pay then get your stuff out of there.

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  9. taku on January 3, 2012 at 1:31 AM

    First month is not $1:
    they also charge:
    $18 for the lock for the storage room;
    $8 insurance (minimum) per month: REQUIRED;
    $22 one-time administrative fee;
    $1 rent;

    and the customer service guy is real shady, I called him on the phone to ask what fees are there besides the $1, if the insurance is required, and he kept saying just go to the office and he’ll tell me. Why can’t you just tell me over the phone?

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