Real estate attorney review for Charlotte North Carolina – Mark Gott is the man!

real estate attorney review charlotte nc Mark Gott

I had some difficult tenants to say the least so I hired an experienced real estate attorney and it made everything better – if you have real estate problems in or near Charlotte NC I highly recommend Mark Gott of Sellers & Hinshaw!

Recently I had a problem with some tenants they were playing games. They were constantly nitpicking complaining that the hot water heater, oven, refrigerator and other things were not working. I have a plumbing and HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) guy that I trust and sent over numerous times and he could never find anything wrong.

As it turned out these people were in a one-year lease and they wanted out early because they had bought a house. They didn’t understand that in North Carolina when you sign a one-year lease your obligated for the full year’s lease. If I let these people out early of the lease then I get hurt because now I’m off the peak renting cycle.

That may not sound like much, but to a landlord that owns properties in a college town area, being off the peak renting cycle can really mess things up and cost you several thousand dollars easily. It can also leave you open to renting to less than desirable people which there tend to be more of in your more likely to rent to them in the off-season.

To compound matters the tenants were lying and doing everything they could to try and be bad tenants so that I would let them out early of their lease. To intervene in the matter I hired Charlotte NC attorney Mark Gott of the Sellers, Hinshaw, Ayers and Dortch. Mark Gott was an experienced real estate attorney and he and his law firm handle most of the legal matters for HOA’s, planned communities and similar here in Charlotte.

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Hiring an experienced real estate attorney took the frustration and matters out of my hand and with Mark Gott on the case it was such a relief. He handled everything. He fielded all of the tenants phone calls, dealt with their threats, and even sorted through their various offers. In the end very amicable agreement was reached that paid me for most of the lost months rent.

I was very happy in the end with the results that Mark Gott was able to achieve. Plus, amazingly, the tenents were happy and left the property in great condition – that was one of my fears was that they were going to leave the place trashed. As you can see here, clearly, when you need to hire an attorney or you have matters like this you need to hire a good, experienced real estate attorney like Mark Gott of Sellers & Hinshaw.

I highly recommend Mark Gott and his law firm of Sellers & Hinshaw. If you would like to contact Mark Gott you can reach him at (704)377-5050. His law firm is located at 301 South McDowell Street Suite 410 in Charlotte NC.

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One Response to Real estate attorney review for Charlotte North Carolina – Mark Gott is the man!

  1. Don Dave on November 17, 2010 at 1:02 AM

    Sounds great, at least both parties are on good terms and aside from that you get what is your legal right. Congratulations for that and thanks for sharing your story, this will help other people if they should experience the same thing. And of this lawyer Mr. Mark Gott I’ll agree, he is the man to call for real estate matters in Charlotte NC.

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