Red Robin – Amazing Gourmet Burgers, Unlimited Steak Fries, and Awesome Service!!

Have you ever wanted to go out for dinner for a big juicy burger but didn’t want to go to a fast food joint.  Whenever I have this craving, I always go to Red Robin!! Every burger that is on the menu also comes with all you can eat steak fries.  The prices of their burgers range from about $8 to just less than $10.  A lot of times they have specials for 6.99 gourmet burgers.  You are able to order your burger to your cooking preference which gives you more control on what you really want. 

When I first went to Red Robin about 2 years ago, my cousin had ordered the Royal Red Robin burger which consist of a fried egg on top.  When I had asked him about the description, I wanted to throw up!! He let me take a bite of his burger and it was the best burger I have ever tasted! Between the juiciness of the burger with the flavor and juiciness of the egg made it to one be one absolute amazing burger!!!  To add to the amazing flavor of the fries and burgers, Red Robin has their own seasoning salt blend that is awesome.  I love to add a little bit to my steak fries to intensify all the flavors.

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No matter what type of burger you order or how many baskets of steak fries you eat, you will always walk out happy.  Their menu contains appetizers to salads to wraps to chicken sandwiches to mixed beverages and of course many desserts!! 

Another option that Red Robin offers is a birthday club that anyone can sign up on their website (  About a week before your birthday, they send you an email good for one free gourmet burger of your choice, but the downfall is that it expires a week after your birthday.  If that isn’t enough to try Red Robin, I don’t know what is!!

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2 Responses to Red Robin – Amazing Gourmet Burgers, Unlimited Steak Fries, and Awesome Service!!

  1. H on February 20, 2011 at 2:14 PM

    I especially enjoy the Egg Burger! My cousin started me on this fantastic idea from Red Robin. Since then, I have taken several friends for both lunch and dinner. I also have enrolled on the Red Robin Birthday Club. I get a certificate for a free meal each time my birthday comes around. They require me to show proof of my birthday which is also something I like about them. So many places have people who use the system when it is not their birthday. Some places have dropped the program because of this abuse.

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  2. I Love Fast Food on May 5, 2011 at 11:12 PM

    RR has been alright to my taste buds so far, but I don’t really care for their steak fries (I could easily forgo them).. :/

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