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Are you one of those people who think that it is easier to buy a couch from Craigslist, and then in the end you realize that the money you paid for the couch really wasn’t the right price?  Usually you think to yourself, “Wow! This couch really isn’t worth $200!”  (or however much you paid for it)  I am speaking from experience, my fiancé and I just moved into our first apartment and we were looking at garage sales, Craigslist, and consignment shops.  We weren’t looking for anything extravagant because we thought that we could make do with whatever we ended up getting.  It didn’t have to be pretty, just comfortable and most of all for us, affordable. 

The first couch that we bought when we first moved in about 7 months ago was already pretty worn in the first place, but we didn’t care as long as we had something to sit on.  We purchased this couch from Craigslist because it was cheap and it also had a pull-out bed inside it.  We thought it would be perfect for when family came to visit.  It turned out that the bed part of the couch was terribly uncomfortable, with springs sticking out all over the place.  So one of the reasons we purchased this couch for we couldn’t even use it. 

The second negative with this first couch was the fact that it was a sleeper sofa, which meant that because the couch was so old, it started to sink in a lot.  We struggled with it for a few months, trying to keep pulling the cushions out every other day and also putting some mattress pads and blankets underneath the cushions to stop the sinking.  After about 2 months of struggling with that, we finally gave up & started looking at Craigslist again. 

Our reasoning for going back to Craigslist for a second time was because at the time we weren’t willing to, and didn’t have the money to just go out and buy new furniture.  We figured that since we were in an apartment we could make do with something that was used.  After a couple days of looking for a couch, we ended up finding a beautiful white and beige striped sectional sofa.  They were trying to sell it for $350, which I thought was a crazy price, especially since they were selling it on Craigslist.  We ended up talking them down to $200, which once we got the couch home and started noticing all of the imperfections that we didn’t notice when we purchased it, we realized that it really wasn’t worth that much.

So, again we struggled with the sectional sofa for a few months before we really decided to start looking for another couch.  We had talked about it, and we decided this time that we were going to buy brand new this time.  We knew that it was going to be a lot of money, but we also knew that we would be able to apply for a store credit card and most likely get a credit limit much higher than what we wanted to spend on a new couch.  A credit card means that we didn’t have to have that money straight up and we could spend some time paying it off, and it also meant that we would finally be able to find a couch that we would want to keep for more than 7 months, especially from going from couch to couch the past year and a half that we have lived in our apartment.

We thought we would never be able to get this sectional to sell, seeing that it was such a light color, and people tend to look for darker colors, especially with pets and such.  Much to our surprise another couple had called and wanted to come and take a look at the couch.  Turns out they came to look at it and they ended up loving it.  It was going to go into the man’s game room, which was perfect because it was so large.  They told us they wanted the couch but they couldn’t pick it up until later that night.  This actually worked out perfectly, we had some extra time and decided that we should probably go and look at some furniture seeing that after tonight we would no longer have a couch.  This made us really sad because we did like the seating availability that we had with this sectional, but not all of the seats were comfortable. 

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We ended up going to Ashley Home Furnishings first to see what they had.  My sister and brother-in-law had just bought their living room set from them and they love it, so we went to check out some prices.  They actually had a 14 piece deal going on which included everything (coffee/end tables, lamps, rug, loveseat, sofa, vase decorations, etc…).  This 14 piece set was only $999, we were surprised to hear all that was included in that price.  Now that was an amazing deal, but what we were looking for was a couch, a loveseat and possibly a recliner.  The one thing that we didn’t think about when we went there was that we could get a couch with built in recliners.  This $999 deal did not include a recliner, or a couch with built in recliners so we decided against that deal. 

We found a different set that we liked but again, there were no sets of all three of the items we were looking for.  Also, we couldn’t find any with the material that we wanted.  Once we found something that we thought we would like, and we would leave to talk about it and come back if we were interested, we started talking business.  When I say business I mean financing to pay for this new set.  Turns out that Ashley furniture can only offer you 6 months 0% financing for your purchase. There is no way that we could pay for $1300 worth of furniture in 6 months.  So, in the end Ashley Home Furnishings was out of the question for us.

After Ashley, we decided to go and check out Rooms To Go, which is another home furnishing store that is ironically right down the road from our apartment!  We went in thinking that it was going to be another experience like Ashley Furniture.  We walked around for a little while and we were kind of disappointed when we saw some of the prices, thinking to ourselves, “There’s no way we could afford that!”  We looked at tons of furniture, sat down on everything that we may have liked to buy, and eventually decided on the couch and loveseat that we were going to purchase.  Both the couch and the loveseat had built in recliners which is something that we were looking for which was great.  But the one thing that definitely sold my boyfriend on this set was the fact that he could get the power-recliners on both sides of the couch.  He really wanted somewhere that he could relax and not have to be moving every half hour to resituate because the couch was so uncomfortable.

Once we had decided on the set that we wanted, we started talking about financing and prices.  We filled out the application to get a credit card through Rooms To Go and we ended up being approved!  This was all working out so perfect!  They also have 26 months of 0% financing, which is extremely reasonable for what you are purchasing.  We have had the couch and loveseat for a week now and my boyfriend loves his power recliner, that he can just put his feet up, lay back and watch the game!

If you are looking to purchase new furniture, Rooms To Go is definitely a good place to look. Their customer service is great, as soon as you walk in the door you are greeted by an employee who will be available for you to ask questions and get prices as you wish while walking through their store.  Not to mention their amazing financing options which was definitely one of our deciding factors, and I think that it was a good decision! “GO” to Rooms To Go and check it out, you never know, you may see something you like!

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