Shell Saver Debit Card – A Free Way to Save Money On Your Everyday Gas Purchase!

Have you ever wondered what ways you could save on gas?  I have discovered with the gas station Shell, they have a special card called the Shell Saver Debit Card.  One day I was at one of the Shell gas stations and I saw a flyer there on the pump.  I decided to grab it and took it home with me to read.

At first I thought that it was just another credit card offer with a special percentage of each purchase results in gas rewards.  This was the absolute opposite.  The Shell Saver Debit Card was absolutely free to sign up.  I just had to get this applicastion brochure from the Shell gas station and then go home and complete the application online.

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Once I completed the application online, I had to wait for a response from the corporate office approving me to have the Shell Saver Debit Card.  Having the Shell Saver Debit Card allows you to receive 5 cents off per gallon, which really doesn’t sound too big.  You have to think about it this way, my car takes 13 gallons to fill up.  You can calculate it like this, $.05 cents x 13 gallons equals $.65 cents and times that by 5 times that you fill up per month (maybe more) and you come up with $3.25 a month.  Then you times that by 12 months and get $39 dollars a year. 

This may not sound like a lot of money being saved but in a time like the recession we are in, you are able to spend that $39 elsewhere.  A lot of other people have SUV’s and drive more than me, so think of that as more money being saved. In the end you also need to think that this is a free Saver Card and doesn’t cost any money at all!

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Once you are at the pump, you simply choose the debit option and slide your card.  The menu will then ask you for your pin that you can create on the application so you can easily remember it.  Then you pump away knowing you are saving $.05 cents per gallon and the people around you are paying regular price.

The only part I don’t like with the Shell Saver Debit Card is that they usually decrease the savings to $.02 cents after the summer months but you usually are not doing as much driving during after the summer months.  The other benefit is that you can use it at any Shell Gas Station that you see driving down the road.  I would highly recommend everyone to look for an application at your local Shell gas station to sign up for this free way to save money when fueling up!!

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  1. otis-ivey on September 24, 2011 at 11:17 AM


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  2. Janice Pavy on November 4, 2011 at 5:37 PM

    i would like to get a shell saver card where u get few cents off your purchase of gas thank you & have a blessed day.

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