Sports Clips Haircut review – Awesome place for men and boys to get a haircut!

Sport clips haircuts

Sport Clips is my favorite place for getting a great men's haircut and at a great price!

I have been to numerous places to have my hair cut. From barbershops to franchises like Great Clips to salons and more. I always had a problem, because I have wavy hair that grows a little thicker on one side than the other, with getting bad haircuts. And I don’t know about you but bad haircuts really make me mad. If I get one bad haircut I will never return to the same place again.

Barbershops tended to cut my hair too short and didn’t know the latest hairstyles and fashions. Great Clips was absolutely horrible and this was not for just one location – I have actually been to several Great Clips haircutting franchises and never once have I received a good haircut that I can be proud of.

Salons tend to be a little pricey at $25-$40 for a men’s haircut and it’s hit or miss. Sometimes you get a great haircut and then you can go back to the exact same person or stylist and the next haircut will be terrible. The simple reasoning here is that they do women’s hair all day long and that is their specialty. They rarely do men’s hair.

This is a kin to taking a BMW to a Ford dealer to have it serviced. A Ford dealer rarely services or works on BMW’s and vice versa you wouldn’t take a Ford to a BMW dealer. You would pay much higher service prices and in the end they may just send your car out to the Ford dealer to be serviced and then bring it back and charge you the BMW prices.

Well, I found something much better. A salon that caters just to men and boys – Sport Clips haircuts. The inside of these salons are made to look just like a football locker room with TV’s and sports everywhere. It’s like the perfect man cave for having your haircut. And the best thing is that the hairstylists specialize in only cutting men’s hair – this means they have a much higher chance of getting your hair cut correctly and the way you want it than any other haircut place or salon.

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Now, I have been to the same Sport Clips for over a year and I love it.  I have never ever had a place cut my hair perfectly the way I want it every time and make it look great for over a year.  Shoot, I’ve never even had a place do this twice in a row at any price until I visited Sport Clips.  Not only that, but their prices are great and if you’re a college student like I am there even better – they give you an automatic three dollar discount on every haircut for college students with ID.

All of the hairstylists that I have seen at this Sport Clips have been super friendly and the place has a great atmosphere.  I don’t feel out of place like I usually do at salons where the women just sit and gossip and I feel left out or worse gossiped about as most men do not go to salons.  So if you do the women there start to wonder about your sexual preferences. 

My advice for the men out there is if you have a Sport Clips near you go and check it out.  I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.  They will treat you right and you will leave with a great looking haircut.  I highly recommend Sport Clips and especially the one next to Trader Joe’s off Mallard Creek Road in north Charlotte, NC.

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7 Responses to Sports Clips Haircut review – Awesome place for men and boys to get a haircut!

  1. diane on December 16, 2010 at 6:19 PM

    in my opinion i am looking for a good class action on sport clips they discriminate against females and thats unethical and rude – any class action or similar attorneys out there contact me at so we can get this lawsuit rolling.

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  2. bill on April 26, 2011 at 2:01 PM

    Waited 15 minutes only to have the girl take the guy that came in after I did. Did he have an appointment? Maybe, but I was just ignored. Time for a real barber shop. Sports Center is lame anyway. Show a real ball game during the day.

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  3. Andrew on May 12, 2011 at 12:34 PM

    I went to the one that just opened in Seattle this past week. Average hair cut from a stylist who who seemed like she just got out of school. Let me sum up the experience: think of going to Hooters to get your hair cut. Yeah, the pretty looking woman who can’t get your food order right is now going to cut your hair.

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  4. Mike on July 11, 2011 at 9:17 PM

    I am sitting in sports clips right now in Golden Colorado posting this on my phone. They just took a woman in before me and now it’s a nice gossip session in there about soap operas. If I wanted this experience I could have just gone to another run if the mill womans salon! This sucks, I used to really enjoy being able to get Guys haircut at a guys specialized salon. I don’t think I’ll be coming back after this.

    Oh and diane, let me know when you find that lawyer so I can sue all the specialized gyms, spas and clubs that cater to women only, cause there are three times as many of those out there.

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  5. Joe Moore on September 25, 2011 at 2:40 PM

    This review is nothing more than trying to drum up business to this location! Probably out of desperation…..

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  6. James on November 17, 2011 at 6:42 PM

    Bad hair cut, no kidding, it is a franchise, all franchise function by hiring at the lowest wages, and as little skill as possible. Check out a Micky D, as automatic as possible, and as soon as the equipment gets cheap enough to put your burger and drink in the bag there will be no one working the back. Check out how dinks are filled, how burgers cook. The idea you can stare at a TV and watch “The Game” is laughably, guess you like 15 minutes of some sports. The deal is this, those large mirrors you see in any place that really cuts hair, with a skilled staff, use the mirrors as an aid in getting it right. It requires you to be turned in the chair. Asked at a shop where the hairstylist work for themselves and rent a chair, or workstation. Washing your hair after the cut? What is this all about? You wash hair before, MVP treatment, hot towel? Well a lot of skill in a hot towel, just a way to suck money out of you. Years ago a hot towel was use when you go a shave. I guess if forking over a few more bucks on a bad haircut for a cheesy massage and a hot towel makes you happy, go for it.

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  7. Marla on December 12, 2011 at 1:24 AM

    Sport clips in Colorado Springs, CO on woodman will soon close down. Management treats employees like trash. “Kiss my ass or else you dont have a job”! Manager can’t cut hair and looks like a ugly little boy.

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