Sterilite Review – Recommended Totes and Drawers For College Students

If you are in college living in a dorm room or if you have an apartment you probably know these Sterilite products very well.  I know when I was in college the plastic totes and sets of drawers came in very handy for me.  I graduated college about a year ago and since then they have come out with so many different types of drawers and totes.  Some of which I look at and say to myself “Wow, that would have been handy when I was in college!”  And then there are some products that I look at and say “Who would want to buy that? Those drawers aren’t even big enough and you can barely put anything in them!” 

In making these comments I also thought to myself, “These products look really cheap and very breakable.  I don’t know why anyone other than college students would buy these things!”  Let me tell you, once I got into my own apartment and realized how many clothes and miscellaneous items I had, these Sterilite Totes and drawers really came in handy.  Once I had gotten all of my clothes and holiday decorations out and sorted, I realized that my dresser that I had, had all my life was no longer big enough for all of my clothes.  I also realized that in the process of moving and knowing that I was moving out on my own, I accumulated more and more holiday decorations that I thought would look cute in my apartment. 

Through realizing the fact that I had no more room in my dresser for any more clothes, I started looking around at consignment shops, and furniture stores, and even Craigslist.  I was unsuccessful in finding a dresser at any of these places that was in my budget.  Granted there were some that were only $30-$40, but that was still way too much for what I was willing to pay, especially after just moving into an apartment and not being too sure of what my budget for the month was going to look like now that I had to pay rent every month.  There were some that were more in my price range like $10-$20 on Craigslist, but when I emailed the seller to initiate a sale, no one replied back to me so I just gave up!  I know, it’s stupid to give up on something that was going to be a pretty cheap deal, but I didn’t have time to waste since I wanted to get my apartment set up.

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After all of my previous attempts to find a dresser and totes or storage trunks for my holiday decorations, I headed to Wal-Mart to look at the good old plastic totes and drawers that had become my best friend in college.  I was so happy when I went there and saw the prices that they were offering for the sets of drawers and the totes.  I know they may look cheap, but I was going to put the drawers in my closet so that no one could see them, and I didn’t really care what they looked like, as long as I had somewhere to keep my clothes rather than on top of my dresser or stuffed in a laundry basket forever.  I ended up buying to sets of three drawers for only $12 each!  What surprised me the most about these drawers was the fact that the color drawers that I saw, and I really liked, were on sale!  They were $5 less than what they usually cost, that’s why I snatched up two sets of them. 

Moving on to the Sterilite totes, I was looking for totes that were the same color as the drawers that I had just bought.  I was able to find the totes, and the totes are actually cheaper than the drawers.  They are originally $15 and the drawers are originally $17.  I wound up getting 3 Sterilite totes which I put my Christmas decorations, Fall/Halloween & Thanksgiving decorations, and my Spring decorations in.  This was absolutely perfect for me and really helped me organize my apartment.

So if you are looking for cheap dressers or cheap storage for your holiday decorations for your home, apartment, or dorm room, I definitely recommend taking a trip to Wal-Mart and picking up some of these plastic Sterilite drawers, totes, and whatever else they make that may be of good use to you.  I know they make much more than totes and drawers, but those are what I find good use in.  Hope you enjoy your Sterilite products as much as I enjoy mine!!

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One Response to Sterilite Review – Recommended Totes and Drawers For College Students

  1. Mary B. on October 5, 2010 at 10:34 AM

    I have one of those Sterlite drawers and the wheels fell off on the front – the plastic holders for the wheels broke. Also, the drawers are hard to put in and out when they aren’t empty – it is very cheaply made.

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