Swissgear backpacks by Wenger – a review and comparison of school backpacks by the maker of the genuine and infamous Swiss army knife!

Swissgear backpack by Wenger

The Swissgear by Wenger backpack was the best for the money and even better then the more expensive ones by North Face!

I was looking for a new backpack as my old one by JanSport just wasn’t a very good quality backpack. Nor was it comfortable to carry my college books in. The zippers finally went on it and it would no longer stay shut so I needed a replacement. I was looking for a better quality backpack with more features and comforts to it. But I also was not looking to spend hundreds of dollars.

Many of the backpack’s other college students were using were made by North face and other similar outdoor gear companies. The prices on their backpacks though would range from $90 on the low on on up to $200 on the high end. They were nice and good looking backpacks they also had a lot more features than the JanSport one that I had. They were also built to be much more rugged and last longer. This is what I wanted, but I wanted to save a little money at the same time and not spend $100 or so on a backpack.

So I shopped around and I looked at places both online and off-line. I looked at eBay and and I found that basically every single North face backpack that was being sold there was a cheap knockoff from China. I have heard a lot of bad reviews on the cheap knockoffs of North face and other manufacturers that are made in China.

I also know this firsthand because I ended up buying a North Face knock off jacket from T.J. Maxx. T.J. Maxx sold it to me as if it were the original thing. It had all of the correct tags, labels and everything. But what alerted me to the fact that it was a knockoff was when it started to fall apart and also the fact that one side of the jacket was almost a different size than the other side. The quality of the jacket was not up to what a North Face jacket should have been.

So when the jacket started to fall apart and I could see that the quality was definitely extremely subpar for North face I contacted the manufacturer and told them I wanted a replacement for the jacket or at least to have it fixed.  Being that the jacket was only a month or so old at that point I didn’t feel that there should be a problem with that.  If North face has such great quality products and are so proud of them they should have no problem fixing a very low quality, sub par product that they manufactured.

North face actually was very nice about the whole situation and had me ship the jacket to them.  They then e-mailed me upon receipt and told me that the jacket was a fake, not an original and that it was never manufactured by them.  It was instead manufactured by some knockoff manufacturer in China.  They said they could not give me a replacement for this because it wasn’t one of theirs to begin with.  They told me my only option was to take it back to T.J. Maxx and tell them that it was not an original and ask for my moneyback.

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Of course T.J. Maxx would not take my jacket back because it had been worn and it was long enough that they would not honor a guarantee or return on it.  You would think they would at least be interested in trying to find out how a knockoff North Face jacket ended up for sale in their store.  No, they were not interested in anything I had to say and they just wanted to move on to the next customer.  Now this may not have anything to do with backpacks, but it has a lot to do with the fact that any knockoffs that are made in China are made with the lowest quality material and workmanship.  They then just slap tags on it to make it look like it’s the original when it’s not.

Being that the eBay North Face backpacks were all fakes I knew better than to even bother with these.  So one day I happened to walk into Target on a lark and look at their backpacks.  I noticed that, yes, they had the same JanSport that I had that was not what I wanted and did not meet my expectations previously, but I also noted they had these neat looking Swissgear by Wenger backpacks that said they were from the maker of the genuine Swiss Army knife – I have owned several knives, but only had one Swiss Army knife that my father had given me over 30 years ago and I still have it today and it works great.

So I have a lot of trust in the Swiss Army name.  So I looked at the SwissGear backpack and it had more features than any of the North face backpacks I had been looking at.  And then when I put it on it was far more comfortable than any of the backpacks I had tried.  It could easily fit my HP laptop and it had plenty of cushioning to protect it – this was very important to me as I would not trust the JanSport bag to my laptop – it would have probably torn and fallen out.  Plus I could fit several college textbooks and notebooks, pens, calculators, even a day planner and more in it.  The backpack even had 2 water bottle pockets on the sides.  What more could you ask for?  A comparable North face backpack would’ve easily been $150-$200 and even then they still wouldn’t compare in comfort and quality.

To top it off the Swissgear backpack came with a five-year warranty.  I found a black one that I liked and I looked at the price and it was $50 brand-new – you couldn’t even buy the lowest rung North face backpacks used for $50.  You might be able to get a knockoff, cheapo that will definitely fall apart on you for about $60 on eBay, but who wants a backpack that is guaranteed to fall apart on you as soon as you use it?  So I bought the Swissgear backpack and have now had it through one full semester at my college and I absolutely love this backpack.  I only wish I had found it sooner.

I highly recommend if you’re looking for a backpack for college or high school that you definitely take a look at the Swissgear by Wenger backpacks at your local Target store.  They will last you a long time, are super comfortable and have the highest quality construction.  I love my Swissgear backpack and will use it for many years to come.

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  1. Amy on September 14, 2011 at 2:48 PM

    I love the swiss wenger laptop backpacks – I’m on my second one. The first I still have but it won’t fit my new laptop.

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