Time Warner Cable, A Horrible Cable Provider!!


Time Warner Cable and horrible service

TWC – the symbol for bad service!

I have been in my apartment for almost a year now, and it was mandatory for me to have Time Warner Cable as my cable service.  At first I was ok with this due to the fact that I have never heard anything negative about that service.  Well, I guess I spoke too soon about that one!  Within the first week that I was in the apartment, I had to call Time Warner out to my apartment.  The man checked the line outside, and figured out that someone, whether it was another employee or someone else, had put a lock on the line.  Needless to say, I was pretty angry, seeing  that my mother had come to visit the week we moved in, and we did not have any television or internet!

So you would think that the problems were all resolved after they unlocked the line.  Nope the problems just kept coming.  After a few months I upgraded to the cable box with DVR because I kept missing all of my tv shows.  I had the cable box for 2 weeks and then it started blacking out in the middle of a television show.  This was very annoying, so I called Time Warner (again) and went to get a refurbished box.  I got the second box home and maybe another 2 weeks after I  got that one it started switching from 1080P to 720P.  This was very annoying because our television is a 1080P.  So I called Time Warner again and they sent a technician out to check our line again.  This technician realized that our line was old so it need to be rewired.

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I have been watching television for about 3months while it constantly blacks out in the middle of shows.  They had told me that I would not be charged from the day that the blackouts started occurring until the line is fixed.  Low and behold, I get my next bill and I was charged for the entire time.

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I talked to another Time Warner representative about it and they tried telling me that I would only get my money back for two days.  I argued with them until I was getting reimbursed for the whole time I have had to deal with this.  I do not recommend Time Warner cable in an apartment complex, it is very frustrating and it hard to find time for them to come and look at your problem.

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