Tire Kingdom – unbelievably bad and fraudulant customer service!

tire kingdom fraud and bad customer service

Becareful if you choose to take your vehicle to Tire Kingdom for repairs – you may get more than you bargained for!

This complaint is about something that’s not exactly recent, as it actually occurred several years ago, but it still makes me angry that this even occured in the first place.  Several years ago, I was a local area used car dealer and had taken a Acura Integra into the local tire Kingdom to have its engine worked on.  It turned out the rot had broken and needed to be replaced.

But then it turned out that the car had been broken into and the radio/cd unit had been removed.  If you don’t mind the Acuras that is not a cheap part to replace.  And most places to include new car dealers don’t even have it in stock.  The store told me that somehow someone had broken into it outside when it was parked inside.  It just so happened that I had a friend that worked at this exact same tire Kingdom whom told me the truth.

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What really occurred here was that the shop manager removed the radio himself from the car and sold it and pocketed the cash.  That is fraud and entirely unacceptable.  I called tire Kingdom’s headquarters and got put in touch with their local district manager.  In the end to try and appease me they gave me a discount on a set of four tires.  When I finally got the car back – I didn’t let them finish working on the car because I just basically did not want anthing to do with Tire Kingdom after this – I ended up taking it to another repair shop where the bill was less than half of what tire Kingdom would’ve charged me and I didn’t have to worry about parts missing or being stolen from the car.

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That was actually ridiculous.  Since when does a store manager steel parts out of a customer’s car like the radio.  These people should be making enough money that they shouldn’t have to stoop to that level.  I could see this happening with a mechanic because a lot of places like this pay their mechanics very poorly.  But I never imagined it to be coming from the stores manager plus I was a repeat customer that brought them a lot of business (apparently I am not the only one having issues with them check out this link to local reviews of Tire Kingdom).  Being that I was a used car dealer I always had cars that needed minor repairs from brakes to air conditioning, alternators, etc…

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Well, after that I never want back to tire Kingdom again.  And you know what?  I was actually better off for it.  I have found cheaper ways of getting everything that I use to get at Tire Kingdom.  I buy tires through Wal-Mart or BJ’s and actually found several certified mechanics from local new car dealers through Craigslist to come and work on my vehicles.  So you will not see me going back to tire Kingdom ever again, but ironically, I have to thank them because now I have saved thousands and thousands of dollars and gotten far better service with absolute zero fraud by going elsewhere.

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4 Responses to Tire Kingdom – unbelievably bad and fraudulant customer service!

  1. Nathanial Harding on May 18, 2010 at 2:44 PM

    I had a similar problem with tire Kingdom. They ripped me off badly. I had a wheel fall off in traffic and towed my car to the local Tire Kingdom here. By the time they were done the bill was over $2000. No one could figure out why and they demanded that I pay it or they would keep my car. Tire Kingdom is very shady and I would definitely avoid doing business with them.

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  2. Walter Deunces on May 19, 2010 at 4:01 AM

    NOTE — This comment is obviously written by an employee of Tire Kingdom as you can see in the text below and how it is worded. — NOTE

    I have gone to my local Tire Kingdom for years and never once had a problem. They have always been extremely courteous and friendly to me and their mechanics seem very knowledgeable. I am very comfortable with them and don’t have a problem with going to Tire Kingdom for small maintenance problems and tires. Come to Tire Kingdom and ask for me – I’ll make sure you are taken good care of.

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  3. Amy G. on May 31, 2010 at 8:57 PM

    I don’t know. I went to Tire Kingdom to have a alignment done and my car still wobbles and the tires still wear unevenly. So I took it to the Ford dealer and they did an alignmenton it and charged me twice what tire Kingdom did, but when I took it out to drive it the car no longer wobbled – I guess you get what you pay for things and Tire Kingdom is not a good deal at any price.

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  4. wgucyp on June 3, 2010 at 2:00 AM

    I went to Tire Kingdom for alignment and they totally screwed up my car. They couldn’t get it right but nor would they refund the $99 because they said it was a special price that couldn’t be refunded. They also scratched up my wheels and I have expensive 22 inch chrome wheels on my car. They said the scratches were there before and refuse to pay for them to be fixed or to replace the wheels. I hate Tire Kingdom and will never go there again and I’ve told all of my friends to stay away from that place!

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