Town and Country Ford tried to steal my trade in and was a rip off!

Town and Country Ford Rip Off

Town and Country Ford is a rip off!

The other day I was looking to buy a newer car. So I wanted to Town & Country Ford because I saw their ad in the newspaper. It looked innocent enough and that I would get the best deal as that’s what they promised in their ad. So we went to the car dealer and looked at various cars with a salesperson whom reeked of cigarettes. And we finally found a new Mustang that we liked.

So we took the Mustang for a test drive and it was nice and while we were doing that the salesperson stated that the used car manager was going to take a look at and value our used vehicle for its trade-in value. When we got back from the test drive the salesperson took us inside and sat us down while he went to go talk to the sales manager.

He then came back with a piece of paper that had some numbers on it. One was the full sticker price on the window in the other was a number of $3000. So I asked him was at $5000 for the trade-in? He said yes they looked at it and it needed some repairs and was in rough, used shape.

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I told them what are you crazy? That Honda Accord is two years old and has 40,000 miles on it! I took out some papers that printed up off the Internet from respected websites like That showed the trade-in value and wholesale values of my Honda Accord which were around $15,000 not $5000. I also showed him that we had the invoice prices for the car that we were looking at.

I then proceeded to tell the salesperson that I don’t have time for foolish games and that these numbers are way out of shape and that they needed to be closer to what I had on those sheets.  So the stupid salesperson then said well what if I could get you this – any proceeded to cross out the $5000 for my trade and made it $5500.  He obviously wasn’t getting what I said.

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I was not undertake $5000 or even $10,000 for my trade-in.  I wanted what it was worth which was $15,000.  So I took a sheet, which he didn’t like, and crossed out the $5500 that he put on there and put $15,000.  And then I crossed off the MSRP price of the new car that they had on there and replace it with the invoice price that had from  He left and went to go speak to the sales manager.

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When the salesperson returns he returned with the sales manager whom introduced himself and seemed to be nice, but he stated that my numbers were completely unreasonable.  He stated that my car was in rough shape and needed some service in the shop and some repairs and that the best he could do was around $6000 for it.  Then he said that he can’t give me retail for my car and wholesale on his as they need to make a profit.

So the sales manager through numbers at me of basically $1000 off of the window sticker price on the new car and $6000 for my trade.  That  was about $12,000 off of where we needed to be for me to do business that day.  So I point-blank asked him is this the best you can do because I don’t have time for this shenanigans.  He said you know there might be another hundred dollars that he could do in there and that’s about it.

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So my wife and I got up and left and we went to the Ford dealer that’s about 10 miles or so down the street – Dale Jarrett Ford, which is in Indian Trail about 10 miles down the street.  The funny thing is we didn’t even have to haggle at Dale Jarett Ford.  We went through the same process of driving their cars and them looking at our trade in.  When we sat down to do numbers they started off with $13,500 for my trade and $1500 off on the new car price.

Even though that wasn’t exactly were appointed to be, it was $1000 closer and better of a deal than what we had at Town & Country Ford.  And the sales staff was much nicer and much more professional at Dale Jarrett Ford than they were at Town & Country Ford.   So we negotiated a little and ended up at $15,000 for my trade and $1700 off the new car price which is exactly where I wanted to be.  So of course I bought my car from Dale Jarrett Ford.  And I saved almost $10,000 by just driving down the street to the other car dealer.

So as you can clearly see Town & Country Ford and their sales staff is a complete rip off.  That’s probably how Bruton Smith the owner earned his billions of dollars by ripping off consumers left and right.  While this consumer got wise to it and drove down the street to a far better dealership and got a far better deal.  And he’s also telling other people to avoid Town & Country Ford and to go 10 miles or so down the street to Dale Jarrett Ford where they will get a better deal and better treatment.

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4 Responses to Town and Country Ford tried to steal my trade in and was a rip off!

  1. Monroe Hole on June 3, 2010 at 3:04 AM

    Yes I almost got ripped off by Town & Country Ford also. Because I was a woman they thought they had an easy mark and they told me that they do not discount the MSRP or window sticker price for anyone and that that is just a ages old story. Then on top of it they tried to charge me ridiculous finance rate when I qualified at my local credit union for 7.99% on a used car – Town & Country Ford wanted 16.99% – that’s a huge difference. I went to Young Ford instead and got a far better deal and was treated professionally. I will never go back to Town & Country Ford and don’t recommend that anyone else does either!

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  2. Pam on June 5, 2010 at 3:03 AM

    I bought my car from Town & Country Ford last year and they have the sweetest salesperson/manager there. He couldn’t keep his hands off of me and even asked me to dinner – at my age you don’t get many offers like that, even though I’m married I had to take advantage of that. A little fling every now and then never hurt anybody. Besides, he was great in bed. Just be sure and make sure this doesn’t get to my husband or his wife…

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  3. Dixie on July 8, 2010 at 12:34 AM

    Actually, I just had an experience like that recently at Dale Jarrett Ford. Went in to check out the new SUVS, wanting to trade in mine. Which was a Ford Suv, low mileage, good condition. The trade in value they were going to give me was worse than insulting. When my husband said he knew the trade in value for the vehicle, they got defensive, asking where he got that from, and stating that it was not correct (Kelley Blue Book), and how they were going to have to perform inspections on this trade in before they could sell it, and how much money/time, that would take. The offered trade in from them was half of the TRADE IN value of KBB, of a vehicle like mine in fair condition. Guess I should of expected that from them though, tried to deal with them 2 other times in the past 10 years, and this has always happened. They offer a very, very low price on trade in, then try to play numbers game. Then when they figure out you are not feeding into it, and your smart to what’s going on, they don’t want to deal with you anymore. Credit Union Auto Buying Services, they are one of the best ways to go!

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  4. Jake Allwood on September 6, 2010 at 10:47 AM

    Uhm, hello – they are a car dealer. What did you think? That they would all be honest and give you the best deal possible? Not a chance.

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