Toys R Us Complaint – I Waited Over An Hour Instore To Pick Up An Online Order!

This morning around 2 am I was able to find an amazing deal through  They had three board games which consisted of Loopz Game, Pictionary Man, and UNO Roboto Card Game.  They were all being sold for $2, which was 90% off the original price.  You would be insane not to buy these games if you knew about this deal.  The retailer was Toys R Us so I knew it was a trustworthy deal to take part in.

As I was on the Toys R Us website I saw that you were only able to order 3 of Loopz game so I had placed one order for three and then just had gone again and purchased 3 more of them because for $2 it was a steal!  I then went on to find the two other games and they weren’t in store nor online.  I was really upset because they were the ones that I really wanted but was unable to get them online. 

When I woke up this morning I had an email that said I could pick the order up in store.  I was happy to see that it didn’t take that long and that I was able to pick them up when I was running around to a couple stores.  I was all done with my all my running around and stopped into Toys R Us to quickly pick up my online order.

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Just one thing, quick was not the word to describe the pick-up process.  I had arrived at Toys R Us and I had gone right to the customer service desk.  There were about 4 people ahead of me so I figured it wouldn’t be too long till I was able to get my stuff and leave.  When I had gotten to the counter I handed the woman my order and she then took it over to a computer to look up the info.

She then had picked up the phone and made an announcement over the loudspeaker about number 30 to the front.  Then she had come back to me and told me that it would be about 20 minutes and if I wanted to I could walk around the store.  I had no other shopping to do and I just wanted to get out of there as soon as I could.  I was really upset that it was going to take 20 minutes but I figured I would walk over to the game section and see if they had any of the other games. 

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I had found that they had 5 UNO Roboto games and 3 Pictionary Man games as well on the shelf.  I was really upset because at 3 am they had said they were sold out of them in-store.  I headed back up to the front where was told to stand because it was almost 20 minutes since I had first come.  As I was standing there the clock was ticking…20 minutes…30 minutes…45 minutes… 55 minutes….1 hour and 10 minutes.

Then I saw the manager walking by named Kathy and I had told her I was standing there for over an hour for my online order and she told me that I needed to allow them an hour and a half to 2 hours for them to get the item.  I couldn’t believe she had told me this when my email said I could come to the store to because MY ORDER WAS READY FOR PICKUP!  I was pissed at this point and ready to just walk out without my purchases!! 

Kathy then had asked me for my paperwork and I handed it to her and she said she would go into the back to get my order.  Well she walked off and then started helping another customer in one of the isles.  I couldn’t believe that she did that.  She was gone for another 10 minutes and came back up to the front without any of my paperwork or games.  She proceeded to anther register and kept doing everything else in the store but finish helping me and making my experience better.

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I had found a couple shirts for my nephew and needed to purchase those as well, but I had also gone and grabbed the other games that were $2 online to see if she would compensate me by matching that price.  I wasn’t waiting any longer standing there so I decided to go right to a register and I figured that if I held up a line that Katy would have to come right away.  Indeed she did and I finally got my games, but before she left I had talked to her about the whole experience and if she would math that price.

She said that since they weren’t up for that price the she couldn’t do it and didn’t even bother that I as there an hour and a half waiting to pick up a damn online purchase.  It was like they had my money and didn’t care after that.  I can most honestly say this will be my last time ever buying from Toys R Us or there sister store Babies R Us because of this lousy and horrible customer service.    

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