Trader Joe’s Fire Roasted Bell Peppers and Onions review – this ready made frozen vegetable dish is just awesome!

Trader Joe's Fire Roasted Bell Peppers and Onions review

We just had the Trader Joe’s Fire Roasted Bell Peppers and Onions with our dinner and these vegetables are just awesome!

If you are looking for a good vegetable dish for dinner then you need to look no further than Trader Joe’s Fire Roasted Bell Peppers and Onions. You can find this in their freezer section and it comes ready-made so all you need to do is heat it up in the microwave or oven and then serve.

Once you open up this frozen container you will see that it smells really good – like something that was pulled right off of the grill. Then went its sitting on your plate after it’s been served it will add that flavorful aroma to whatever else you’ve served for dinner. We served it with lamb steaks and a baby spinach leaf salad with fresh Italian dressing. Together this dinner was awesome.

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And I must say the fire roasted bell peppers and onions were every bit as good as the very tasty medium rare lamb steaks. This meal was definitely top restaurant quality all the way. We have used the fire roasted bell peppers and onions from Trader Joe’s before with barbecued chicken and even smoked steak. It doesn’t seem to matter what we serve this vegetable dish with it is always a big hit!

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this is one of the few frozen vegetable dishes that I like and this one I like so much I am always having several helpings of it. Another great thing about my wife pointed out to me is that it has absolutely no fat and is full of vitamins and minerals. This vegetable dish is not only one of the best tasting ways of serving vegetables, but it is also very healthy for you.

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On the packaging container, it says to serve with fajitas or to make sausage and peppers with it. I haven’t done either of those as of yet. This vegetable dish from Trader Joe’s is almost too good in my opinion to serve mixed with something else. It tastes great all by itself.

And if you want to make a big hit or impression with family or friends, just grill some lamb or beef steaks and serve with a bag of these fire roasted vegetables and you are sure to please everyone. Trader Joe’s definitely did something right with their fire roasted bell peppers and onions. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you then you need to go in and snap up some of these in their freezer section. They are that good!

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