Turbo Snake review – worked great on light clogs, but not as well on heavily clogged drains.

Turbo Snake drain unclogging tool

There was nothing turbo about the Turbo Snake drain cleaner.

I’m sure by now you’ve probably seen at least one infomercial for the Turbo Snake drain cleaning tool. I remembered was Billy Mays or his counter part that was featured in the infomercial, but they do make for a catchy commercial. I have had some messy clogged up drains in my bathroom sinks before and I don’t like the idea of having to get out of coathanger and ruin it just to clear out the drain each time, so I bought one of these Turbo snakes at my local Target supercenter.

I then put the Turbo snakes away in my drawer until I need them. And lo and behold about a week later one of the sinks in the upstairs bathroom became clogged. At first it would rain really slow and then it stopped completely and his black stuff would bubble back up. So after this is a great time to put the Turbo snake to work and see how well it did.

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First, as everyone that has to clean out a drain knows, you never move the drain stop and this is pretty simple to just unscrew behind the main drain under the sink and then the drain stopper (sink plug) comes right out. Obviously if you did do that step you’re not really going to be able to do a good job of unclogging the drain. But in the infomercial, interestingly enough, they don’t know the drain plug and just fished the snake down inside with it’s still there.

So I tried this before pulling the drain plug out. This did nothing. He pulled out a few hairs and a little bit of slimy goo and that was it. No matter what I tried nothing else would come out and it stayed clogged. So obviously the infomercial was overhyping the Turbo snake right there.  Next I removed the drain plug or stopper as some people call it.  Then I fished the Turbo snake down the drain and turn it this way and that way and pulled it back up.  All it did was get coated with slime and it did nothing to pull anything out or break the clog. 

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No matter how many times I tried the Turbo snake it had no effect on this routinely clogged drain.  Saw one out of the closet and found a metal coat hanger in own twisted it informed the bottom end into a small hook.  Then I fished this in there and lo and behold outcomes the clog and the sink starts to drain immediately.  It was a big ball of fear and nasty smelling brown and black slime.  I tried the Turbo snake back down again to pull up the rest and it had no effect on it.  The Turbo snake was worthless on this clogged drain.

So I use the hook from the coathanger and fished out the rest and the clog all came up.  So old f the coathanger, works again as always and the Turbo snake came up empty-handed (just full of slime and ineffective).  This is terrible as I was hoping the Turbo snake would make this easier cleanup and easier job overall.  We have five kids of all ages and clogged sinks just come with the territory.  Now since this experiment with the Turbo snake and my clogged drain I have tried to put the Turbo snake to use several more times.  On thick clogs, like the one I just mentioned, the Turbo snake had little effect if any.  On very minor clogs that were just purely hair with nothing else it would work, but most clogs it didn’t do anything for. 

So overall, I unfortunately have to give the Turbo Snake a bad rating and a bad review because it’s basically a waste of time.  All that will happen up happening is you have to go get a coathanger and do it the old way.

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One Response to Turbo Snake review – worked great on light clogs, but not as well on heavily clogged drains.

  1. Donovan Wojtecki on July 10, 2010 at 9:04 AM

    Turbo snake is a ripoff. I ordered it off the TV from their infomercial for months ago and have yet to receive the product I ordered. I have called them and no one seems to know anything about my order but the charge was placed on my credit card. I tried to dispute the charge with my credit card company but they said it has taken too long or too much time has elapsed since the purchase and they can’t do anything about it.

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