Turtle Wax Ice review – it goes on easy, but offers little protection for your car’s paint if any from the sun!

Turtle wax ice synthetic liquid polish scam

Turtle Wax Ice was no more effective than water! The stuff is pure garbage!

I had seen all of the advertisements claiming that the new Turtle Wax Ice synthetic ar polish was the future of car protectants and the most advanced treatment out there. It was a little more expensive than what I’m used to with Turtle Wax. Normally a bottle of the same size of Turtle Wax costs around three dollars. The new Ice synthetic polish was $15 at Wal-Mart. That means it costs five times the price of turtle wax, but being that it was supposed to be this great protection for my vehicle I bought it.

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According to the directions it can be applied in the sunshine on a hot day in direct sunlight or anywhere else. So I one applied in on a hot day in direct sun light and it was pretty easy to put on. It will harder to buff off, but manageable. The problem here is that the level of protection provided by this Ice is practically zero. I applied it and could literally watch within a few days the pain on my car oxidized before my eyes.

You see I have a dark blue Volvo and it has this plastic strip as a part of the trim on both sides of the vehicle’s roof. One side had started to oxidized prior to me ever putting the Turtle Wax ce on it. I was hoping that by applying the Ice to it that this would stop the oxidation on the one side and prevent it from happening on the other side. I made sure I applied several coats to it. The oxidation just continued to spread on the one trim piece and then it started on the other piece.

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I Applied the Ice to it and it was like I was putting water on the car. It had no effect in stopping the oxidation of the paint on my car in direct sunlight. So then I stopped using the Ice and to be sure I use a degreaser to completely remove the Ice treatment from my car.  I then used an old and faithful car protectant that I had used over the years called Nu Finish.  It is a synthetic polymer and it’s as easy to apply as the ice but unlike the ice you have to make sure you don’t apply it to anything rubberlike as it will leave white marks.

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So this is kind of like an experiment and I made sure I applied the Nu Finish just like I applied the Turtle Wax Ice.  And to my amazement the oxidation in the two trim pieces immediately stopped.  I used to use the Nu Finish on my Mitsubishi eclipse for years and always had great results, but I wanted to give this new Ice which was supposed to be the future of car protectn treatments a try.  I then went back to the way I used to apply Nu Finish which was just once a year with one coat – and guess what?  It still stopped the oxidation on my car.

In other words, Turtle Wax Ice is pure garbage.  Nu Finish, which costs $7 or half of what the Ice does, offers far better protection for your car’s paint.  My little experiment is proof positive of this.  Nu Finish kicked Turtle Wax Ice’s ass!  Now the only advantage I can see for the ice synthetic liquid polish is that there is no white powdery residue to clean up.  But that’s probably because there’s no protection value in the first place.  Literally I could’ve applied water to my vehicle and had the same level of protection and ease of clean up as I did with Turtle Wax’s ice.  It is pure garbage, a complete waste of money and ripoff.

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2 Responses to Turtle Wax Ice review – it goes on easy, but offers little protection for your car’s paint if any from the sun!

  1. Sam Hendrick on July 15, 2010 at 1:33 AM

    I have to agree. I purchased the Turtle wax ice for $16 at Wal-Mart and within few days my car looked like it hadn’t been waxed at all. The stuff is cheap in my opinion is no better than putting butter or mineral spirits and water on your car. The stuff sucks and is a complete waste of time and money. At least I was able to return it to Wal-Mart and get my money back.

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  2. Jennifer & Duane M. on July 21, 2010 at 7:28 PM

    It went on like mineral oil and came right off in the first rain storm. Unreal. The stuff sucks.

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