– a review of a neat website resource for free coloring pictures and more for children!

Twisty Noodle kids website resource is the place to go online for free coloring pictures and handwriting practice for your young children!

If you’re looking for something for your kids to do to keep them busy and intellectually stimulated the same time then you need to check out It’s kind of a strange name for a website, but when you go to their website you will see that it’s an awesome resource for free drawings, coloring pictures and handwriting practice pictures.

It’s not the cheap and cheesy stuff you will usually find for free on the internet. It looks like it’s her pages right out of a Disney or Hooked on phonics or similar coloring and learning book for kids. You can choose to edit the pictures, the writing (to make it more bold, italicized and more), etc…

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There are tons of different pictures for boys and girls. From UFOs, football and other sports to aliens, rocket ships, planets and more. I especially like the feature that you can take any of the pictures and will back and forth between just a coloring picture or a picture with handwriting practice underneath it.

And the best part is this website is actually free to use. It doesn’t cost you anything and you can print out as many pictures of whatever you want. There are no membership fees and nor are their ads placed all over everything as there might be in some other free websites.

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It’s very fast and easy to use and you can quickly print out a bunch of pages on your computer for children to color in and learn with. Now if only they would expand it a little and add in mathematical problems, maybe some science problems and things like that for young children that would really be nice and make this a awesome free website resource.

It is a nice resource as is, but I figure we that much better if it had a little more to offer than just coloring pictures and handwriting practice stuff. Still it is a nice website and definitely worth your time to check out. Besides during the long summer months or vacation times when your kids are not in school it will definitely help keep them busy and their minds occupied.

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