Tysons Ford car dealership complaint – they sold me a wrecked car!

Tysons Ford car dealership Virginia

Tysons Ford is dishonest and sold me a wrecked car!

Tysons Ford
8201 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22182-2613
(703) 448-0100

I needed to replace my car which had high miles on it and was starting to become very unreliable. My father always told me to stick to the new car dealers because they were more reputable and had a reputation to uphold. So there would be less shenanigans supposedly at the new car dealers, or as so you would think. Unfortunate I was not the case here.

I bought a used Toyota Camry from Tysons Ford in Vienna Virginia and they showed me a Carfax and everything when I requested it, but I did notice there were few pages possibly missing. I question them about this and they said something about their printer might have made an error with the page numbers at the bottom. They told me the car was a great car and it had never been wrecked.

So I end up purchasing the vehicle and within a few days I started noticing things going wrong. The car pulled to the right strongly and that seemed to get worse every day. There was also a lot of rattles and noises in the car. I also noticed that when I walk up to my car from a distance I could see that there were some panels were the paint looked like it had a slightly different color or shine to it than the other ones did.

I ended up taking my car back to them to have it looked at in their service area and they said there was nothing wrong with it. A friend of mine is a mechanic and I had him take a look at it. He had one of these digital paint readers that can tell you the exact thickness of the paint on the car and can tell you if the car has been wrecked before. Without me even asking him to be checked every panel on the car for the thickness of the paint and told me that two panels had been repainted and possibly had body work done on them.

I asked him how he knew this and he told me that when the cars come to from the manufacturer the paint has the exact same thickness on every panel.  But when a body shop redoes that they could not possibly get the same exact results or even near what the manufacturer does with their robots and billion-dollar plants.  With this information and the fact that I didn’t feel comfortable with the Carfax that I was shown at the car dealership I decided to pull a Carfax online myself.

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What I found made me irate.  The Carfax indicated that the car had been involved in a collision.  It turns out that the car dealership didn’t show me a Carfax they showed me a Auto Check instead which is not quite the same thing.  Apparently Carfax is far better at highlighting accidents and car histories.  I found this out by checking on the web and in numerous automotive forums.  The word is don’t trust Auto Check and be sure and ask for a Carfax instead.

On top of that the car’s brakes were worn out and all four wheels needed new pads.  Also the shocks were worn out and needed to be replaced.  The tires had very little tread wear left on them and they needed to be replaced.  Also the alternator was failing and needed to be replaced.  There was even more wrong with the car, but I won’t list it all here.  Instead I just want to make the point that Tysons Ford sold me a car you can tell by looking at it has been wrecked.  They told me it had never been wrecked or involved in a collision and that it was a safe and reliable car. 

 I also believe some of the pages in the Auto Check they showed me may have been missing or possibly altered.  In any case, Tysons Ford is definitely not a reliable or trustworthy car dealership.  Be sure to avoid them and go elsewhere.

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2 Responses to Tysons Ford car dealership complaint – they sold me a wrecked car!

  1. Shella Showell on July 26, 2010 at 12:01 AM

    I went to that store in Virginia and found that they had really rude sales people and managers. I was treated unprofessionally in a rude manner and so I left and bought my car elsewhere. I got a far better deal too!

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  2. Eunice C. on July 26, 2010 at 11:03 AM

    I was treated really terrible at Tysons Ford. They wouldn’t give me prices or work with me until I gave them my credit information. They said they needed my social security number before anything so they could put me in the right vehicle. Yeah, right. They figured because I was black that I had bad credit and probably couldn’t get approved for a car loan so they didn’t want to waste their time on me. This is racism. I bet if I were white and drove in there they would have given me the red carpet treatment, but since I am black I must have bad credit and would only waste their time. I ended up buying my new car elsewhere in DC.

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