UrethaneSupply.com forever black bumper paint review – Works good but Wal-Mart has the same stuff for 1/4th the price!

UrethaneSupply bumper paint review and complaint

I bought a can of bumper paint from UrethaneSupply.com and they charged me 4 times more money then I could have bought a better quality product at Wal-Mart! What a ripoff!

I happened to be looking through an automotive related and saw a big ad for Urethane supply company (urethanesupply.com). In it they were advertising their bumper and cladding coat spray. This is the same bumper paint and restore thing that is manufactured by other companies and called Forever Black or Back to Black and it is for car bumpers that are faded from the sun.

I didn’t know at the time that I saw this advertisement that you could purchase these same products at Wal-Mart and other similar stores. So I bought it off their website and it was over $10 for one can of this bumper and cladding coat. I use it on my Volvo and it works fine. It made the bumpers look new again albeit the gray was a slightly different color than what I thought it should be.

But I was mad when I found out that you can get the exact same bumper paint stuff at your local Wal-Mart for about three dollars! This is a bad economy and the folks at urethane supply company are charging way too much money for their products. Since then I have actually purchased a can of the back to Black or forever Black, whatever you call it, at Wal-Mart and used it on my vehicle.

Apparently this is something you need to do every year or so with the bumper and cladding coat from Urethane Supply Company. What’s interesting though is that so far the cheaper cans of Forever Black or Back to Black that I got from Wal-Mart or lasting better and longer than the more expensive bumper and cladding coat from Urethane Supply Co.

So, this is definitely not a case of where you get what you pay for. It’s more of a case of worry you get far less for more money! In other words, the bumper and cladding coat or bumper paint from UrethaneSupply.com was a ripoff. If you need a bumper restore or bumper paint type of product for your bumpers and similar plastic parts on your car or truck than you deaf we need to go and buy the cheaper version of this stuff (Back to Black or Forever Black) at your local Wal-Mart.

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