Voting, voting turnout, dead voters and why your vote doesn’t count or matter!

dead voters and voter turnout

With so many millions of dead and inelligible voters what really is the worth of your vote and does your vote really count?

If you’re like many people today at your local voting center. According to the news voting turnout was fairly decent and was probably around 50% of all voters. Rarely will you get higher than this voting turnout as a lot of people have lost faith in the political system. Sigh to count on political, open election system where millions of dead people are still voting. That’s actually right route the country millions of dead voters voted in this year’s election just like they did in Obama’s election.

From Massachusetts to Florida to Texas to North Carolina to California and everywhere in between there are millions of dead people that still exist on the voting lists as registered voters and this is ripe for . These lists of dead people that are still on the lists are routinely looked up by various groups (like ACORN did in Obama’s campaign for president) and then are used and abused to game the vote.

The bad thing about this is that it’s been going on for quite some time. Obama’s campaign wasn’t the first to do this (albeit with ACORNS help they did it to the largest extent ever known – more than all of the other campaigns from George Washington all the way up to today) and most likely won’t be the last. Especially with Obama and his crew stating they will not pursue legislation to fix voting loopholes that allow abuses like people that have been dead for several years voting again.

So as long as the polls are not cleaned up of ineligible voters (convicted and incarcerated felons, dead people, illegal immigrants, etc…) we will never have anything even close to a fair vote. Now what does this mean to you and I? It means your vote is actually useless and doesn’t count the slightest bit except for smalltime local elections. Gen. in the smallest of elections they do not have the funds or the connections to do a whole lot of flouting of the vote.

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Pretty much in all other elections the votes are tampered with in various ways to include millions of ineligible voters skewing the vote. So what good is your vote against 100,000 people in the cemeteries local to you? And if you don’t think this is happening currently in every state in the United States than you to wake up and smell the coffee. Politicians that cheat to get in office are no worse than TV reporters that abuse the press and their powers just to get the story regardless of the truth

What’s also sick is that in the bigger elections (like Obama’s) millions of people were not able to vote. Why couldn’t they vote? Because someone had already voted illegally for them. This happened everywhere just like the millions of votes by ineligible voters. So now you have millions and millions of skewed votes. This is a fact that occurs in every big election. So you tell me how effective and how important your vote is now. It’s no different here in the United States in the voting process than it is in Iran with a rigged election.

If you wish to read further on this check out these websites below:

There are thousands of news reports, investigations, etc… listing all the millions of dead voters, inelligible voters and actual reports of voting fraud. If you want voting to be fair and the voting turnout to be correct and not altered then make your voice heard. Stand against this wanton fraud. Don’t vote for politicians knowingly linked to voter fraud.

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One Response to Voting, voting turnout, dead voters and why your vote doesn’t count or matter!

  1. Brett on November 7, 2010 at 9:03 PM

    This is America, the land of the free. There is no corruption in politics is there?

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