Wal-Mart Christmas trees review and complaint – their christmas trees suck!

Walmart Christmas trees complaint and review

Walmart sold me the worst Christmas tree I have ever seen for $40!

I happen to be going to my local Wal-Mart for some groceries When I happened to notice that they had Christmas trees for sale out front. They had them grouped by size and price. They had six-foot ones for $40 on the left followed by five footers for $30 and the Wal-Mart special on 4 foot Christmas trees was $20.

They were all wrapped up like they were ready to put on top of your van or truck. The only bad thing is when the wrapped up like that is you cannot tell how nice that tree is until you get it home. This is why most places that sell Christmas trees have them displayed for customers non bundled.

You want to see the difference between the different trees. Some trees have gaps and holes in them and are not as pretty. Other Christmas trees are more full and well rounded and look better. And there’s also a difference in brands like a spruce versus a pine and others.

Why didn’t think of that and I assumed that these were nice trees that Wal-Mart was selling. It didn’t dawn on me until I got home and opened it up that this treaty may not be as nice or anywhere as near as nice as what it should have been. When I removed the bindings from it after I put it in the tree holder that we’ve had in my family for ages, I stood back and looked at it and was severely disappointed.

It was a very scraggly looking tree. It always was also a little bit lopsided as it leaned to the left. This lean could not be corrected by adjusting the Christmas tree stand. So now are stuck with the worst Christmas tree I have ever paid $40 for. I wouldn’t pay $10 for this Christmas tree. Whoever got these Christmas trees for Wal-Mart probably cut them right on the side of the road somewhere near here.

This Christmas tree deftly did not come from a reputable Christmas tree farm. No one that grows Christmas trees could have stood behind this tree. I learned my lesson here – you do not go to Wal-Mart to buy Christmas trees – ever. Wal-Mart will sell you the cheapest crap out there and that definitely goes for their Christmas trees.

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