Walgreens laundry detergent review – this stuff sucks and leaves my clothes all smelling bad!

Walgreens laundry detergent review

Walgreens laundry detergent stinks and left a really horrible odor in my house and on my clothes.

I went to Walgreens the other day on my way home and I made a quick pit stop there because it was convenient.  I picked up a few items to include the Walgreen brand ultra laundry detergent.  They had a good sale on it.  I think that you got two big containers  for like five dollars or something like that.

So I bought that and some other items and got home.  The next day my wife had done the laundry and I was wondering why there was this odor in the house that smelled of locker room or bad body odor.   I had dinner and then I went upstairs to shower and change my clothes and after getting a shower I went into our walk in closet and was greeted with a rather nasty pungent odor.

It was like the order I smelled downstairs in the house but much more concentrated.  It was almost bad enough to make you gag.  So I hurriedly drawn some close and went downstairs to explain the odor in our closet to my wife.  She and I both went upstairs and she could not believe the smell of our closet.

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It smelled like rotten food and rancid body odor.  She said the only thing that she had done to the closet was to hang up the clothes she washed earlier in the day.  Light bulb went on in my head and the idea that maybe it’s the clothes came to me.  So I grabbed the sleeves of a couple of shirts that she had washed and held them up to my nose and smelled them.  I almost fell over they smelled so horrible.

It was obvious that the root of this bad odor in our house was the Walgreens laundry detergent that I had bought the previous day.   I quickly took all the clothes out of the closet that she had washed and we put them down stairs in the laundry room and closed the door.  I then ran out to Wal-Mart to get some real laundry detergent.

My wife then when I got back immediately started doing laundry again and we noticed the smell started to abate.  I also got some for breeze spray to spray it in our closet and in the laundry room to get rid of that rancid smell that Walgreens laundry detergent had caused.  I have never ever had a problem this bad with any laundry detergent and matter how expensive or cheap it might have been.

Clearly there was either something horribly wrong with Walgreens laundry detergent or this is a laundry detergent made for people this live and smelly houses that couldn’t care less about disgusting odors.  It had to be the worst smelling laundry detergent ever!  I will never venture back to Walgreens again to purchase laundry detergent. You can bet on that.

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