Walmart cashier and customer service complaint – customer service at Walmart downright sucks!

Walmart cashier and customer service complaint

Walmart has the worst in customer service and I think their employees may show racist tendencies.

I went to the Walmart the other day and saw that there was only a very few cash registers open and the lines were very, very long.  The line I happened to be in was very very slow.  It seemed like I was in line for over half an hour.  After being in line fof quite a while a cashier walked up to open the register next to where I was.

I turned my shopping cart around to move over and get in her lane.  As I was doing this a customer just walking up to the same cash register was able to set something down on the counter before I could and nudged me out of the way rudely.  I said something to the cashier that I was coming from a really long line and had been waiting for over half an hour – I had perishable goods like milk, eggs and yogurt that were going to soon go bad.

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Her rude response was “He had his items on the counter first.”  She didn’t give a crap that I had been waiting in line for over 30 minutes.  She didn’t care at all about anything and was very rude to boot. Finally another 10 minutes later I got cashed out – it was ridiculous.  You would think with all the money Walmart makes that they could staff more cash registers or checkouts.

I find it very interesting that the front of most Walmarts has a plethora of checkout lanes and most of these are empty and unmanned.  Where is the customer service here at Walmart?  Why can’t they do something to help their customers that want to buy things in a reasonable amount of time?  Why can’t they have staff at the cash registers?  Why can’t they have nice and polite employees and not rude ones?

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I went to the customer service area and reported the terrible customer service I had received while I was in their store.  It was as if they didn’t care at all.  I think they just want to let the customers fight it out to see who could get their first.  Maybe they want or like to see customers fight and squabble?  Maybe they have racial preferences?

The lady says register 3 is open and and takes the minority customer that was in line behind me and passes me over – is that right?  Is that racism to pass me over for a minority that wasn’t in line as long as me?  Is Walmart racist?  I can’t answer that, but with their employees it certainly is suspect.  Their behavior is either racist or rude to say the least.

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While I was waiting in the same line the cashier who’s line I tried to get into had taken 3 people (all minorities) and I was still standing in the same place.  I put in a complaint and all I got out of them was that my (suggestion) that when they open a register they say next in line or call the person next in line over was a good suggestion.  I do not consider this a suggestion I consider that normal good customer service. They obviously do not know what customer service is at Walmart.

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