Walt Disney store review – shady service and selling broken Mulan dvds!

Walt Disney store review broken Mulan dvd

The Walt Disney store near me sold me a broken Mulan dvd and then they refused to let me exchange it for another one even though I had the receipt!

I went to the mall with my kids and we bought them a special edition Mulan DVD 2 disc set at the Disney store. This was the DVD movie that my older son had seen part of at a friends house and he really wanted to see the whole movie in its entirety. The Disney store had it on sale for just under $20. This was probably twice the price of what it was at Wal-Mart but my son had just gotten a 100 on his test in math so I bought it for him.

When we got home and opened up the Mulan DVD container disc one was broken in half. Disc two was fine, but disc one had apparently been broken in the case somehow probably during shipping or handling of it in the store. So the next day we went back out to the mall and the Disney store to return the Mulan DVD and exchange it for another one.

I had my receipt with me so it shouldn’t be a problem, right? The person at the cashier scanned UPC symbol on the dvd box and said her reader couldn’t read it so it had to be fake. I said that was impossible as I had just bought this here yesterday. And I even showed her the receipt which stated that I had bought that exact Mulan DVD from that exact Disney store.

She went and got an older lady whom looked at the DVD box and told me that it looks right but if the UPC symbol doesn’t match up on her computer they can’t offer me a refund or exchange. She then whispered something to the other employee which I overheard. Basically she was telling the other growth that I had probably bought the real thing and that I had also bought a fake from somewhere online and that I was trying to exchange the fake for another real one so that way I would get two for the price of one.

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That was definitely not the case and I do not deal in fake movies. I subscribed to Netflix so I don’t have to but I wanted to buy the Mulan DVD for my son as a reward because he had gotten a 100 on his math test and this is what he wanted. I even had a receipt right there showing that I had bought that DVD from that store.

Regardless of what I said or did they refused refund me or even allow me to exchange it for another one. Basically all I wanted was a working DVD. They would have nothing to do with it and then the older lady disappeared and the employee went back to helping other people and they completely ignored me from then on.

I never thought I could get such bad customer service or that I could get ripped off like I did at a Walt Disney store of all places. You can bet I will never visit a Disney store again or buy any of their DVD’s. I will stick with my Netflix from here on out.

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2 Responses to Walt Disney store review – shady service and selling broken Mulan dvds!

  1. Disney Store Guest Relations on October 12, 2010 at 2:37 PM

    This is certainly not a desirable Disney experience! Please have your receipt and call Disney Store Guest Relations at (866) 902-2798. We’d love to help!

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  2. Sam on October 26, 2010 at 12:26 PM

    I buy my Disney videos from Bj’s and get them for about $5 to $10 cheaper then at the Disney store in my mall!

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