Wave Energy Drink Complaint – Energy Drink That Tastes Worse Than Red Bull!!

The other day I was walking on my campus at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and was stopped by an energy company called the Wave.  I was really interested in trying this new energy drink because I had been up all night working on a group project and needed a jolt to get through all my classes.  I wasn’t scared to try it because I love energy drinks like Monster, red Bull, or Rockstar. 

 When I first took a sip of the Wave Energy Drink I wanted to spit it out ASAP!  I then thought that I would take another sip because sometimes you think something is worse than it really is.  This was not the fact at all.  It tasted like someone mixed coffee, orange juice, sweet n low, and carbonation and called it Wave!

 The slogan of wave energy Drink on the side of the car was “Ride The Wave’.  The only ride that I was riding was the puke that was flowing from everyone’s mouth!  It was completely disgusting and I would never ever try this drink again no matter how tired I am or how much I need a little jolt.

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 They say on their site http://www.tastethewave.com/ that Wave energy Drink is:

  •  All Natural Flavors
  • Lower Caffeine
  • Lower Carbonation
  • Loaded with B-Vitamins
  • Crimson in Color
  • No Bad Aftertaste
  • Less than 10 Calories Per Serving 

They try and tell you that there is no bad after taste, but there is an overwhelming after taste to it.  My friends and I were looking all around at everyone trying the Wave Energy Drink and you saw everyone make a funny face.  Their next move was to find the nearest garbage can. My two friends that were with me were drinking it to wake up a little bit but couldn’t drink a quarter of it without almost puking their brains out. 

 If you have any chance to try this disgusting energy drink, please do not take the chance.  It is worse than Red Bull and it taste like pure puke!  Do your self a favor and stop and a store and pick up a Monster or Rockstar to use an energy jolt that taste good!!

 It makes absolutely sense that Anheuser-Busch wholesaler would create an agreement with Wave Energy.  Anheuser-Bush has been trying to gain market share and profits first by acquiring Bush Gardens and now by trying to expand into even more different markets.  I guess for beer consumers, the Wave Energy drink might be ok for you.  This is because all American beer tastes like shit!  Wave Energy Drinks ARE SHIT!

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2 Responses to Wave Energy Drink Complaint – Energy Drink That Tastes Worse Than Red Bull!!

  1. Tom Harry on December 30, 2010 at 10:44 PM

    What a great resource – cool views you have here – what I am wondering here is if they will make an energy drink for gays. I am gay and proud of it and I feel that my thist desires are different then that of straight men. So, does anyone know if they will be coming out with a energy or similar soft drink solely for gay men like myself?

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  2. Sned on January 10, 2011 at 1:01 AM

    I actually like the Wave energy drink.

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