Wegmans Supermarket Review, Not Just Another Supermarket

Rave review of Wegmans Supermarket in Fairmount, NY

Where ever you go, you will always need a place to go shopping for groceries.  A supermarket that I love to death is Wegmans!  Not only has it been in the top 10 best companies, but the respect and customer service you receive is outstanding!! Wegmans has many options of foods because in every Wegmans, they have a Chinese station, submarine station, sushi bar, pizza bar, bakery, and a selection of prepared foods.

One of my favorite reasons to visit Wegmans is for one of their subs.  They have the freshest ingredients and the bread is always fresh! Their prices are very reasonable! 7’’ Sub or Wrap is only $5.49 and a 14’’ is $7.59!!  They also have combo deals that include a side of chips or a wide selection of daily made cookies.  They also offer a Family deal that includes two 14’’ subs, 4 chocolate chip cookies, and a family size bag of Wegmans chips.  All for only 20.99!!! Whether if it’s a wheat roll or white, I recommend all their subs!!

Another reason I go to Wegmans is for their customer service.  Whether if I need to find an item in an isle or just need an item that they are out of, I can count on their staff!  Last Christmas, I needed a ham for Christmas dinner, but they were all out of hams.  I had talked to the associate in the meat department and he had arranged for me to pick up a ham with the weight I needed the next day and he also had my name on it.

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I love Wegmans and wish they were in every state possible!! If you are older and need help taking your groceries to your car, the helping hands team is more than willing to load your car with your groceries.  It is more than clear why they are always on the 10 best companies!!  I would recommend shopping, getting your prescriptions, or eating at the café whenever you have the chance!!

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  1. meghan rushman on May 7, 2010 at 2:51 PM

    I used to work for Wegmans and this company is one of the best companies that I really enjoyed working for. The managers really understood if you ever had a problem and employees were really friendly and outgoing. There was also many jobs available to handicapped, which was very convienant. I didn’t mind going to work eachday and actually enjoyed my job!

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