Who is calling me from (704)717-5564? It’s Carolinas Healthcare System billing office trying to collect on a bill for someone that doesn’t live here.

Carolinas Healthcare System

I am getting harassed by the billing office at Carolinas Healthcare System and the person they are calling for doesn't even live here!!

What I really hate are anoying phone calls from bill collectors that don’t know what they are doing and call looking for someone that doesn’t even live at your address. This has been happening to me quite a bit lately. It almost always seems to come from this (704)717-5564 number.

Lately I have to have my answering machine turned up because I have an elderly relative that isn’t doing very well and they have a hard time speaking into the phone and I need to be able to hear if they need help or if something is wrong. The other night I had my wife’s relatives over and wouldn’t you know it – these jerks from Carolinas Healthcare System called about a bill again.

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Once again it was for someone that does not and has not ever lived here. It is just I, my wife and our 2 year old daughter. They left a message that this was a call from the billing office and that it was very important that they be called back. This is really annoying and it made me look bad to my house guests (the wife’s family).

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That is just downright wrong. So I called them back to tell them that they have a completely wrong number and that this was getting ridiculous. They hung up on me. That’s right – they hung up on me. They don’t care that I am not the person they are looking for. Maybe they think that I will eventually have enough of their harassing phone calls and just give in and pay the bill for this other person?

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I don’t know what it is going to take to get these idiots at Carolinas Healthcare System to stop calling me, but I can certainly tell you one thing – if they can’t get their own billing straight – I certainly don’t and won’t want to be going to any of their hospitals or medical centers.

Who knows what screw ups happen with their bills? I have also written them a letter telling them that I don’t want to receive any more phone calls for this individual that doesn’t live or reside at my house. To date I have not received a reply.

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