513-605-7590 General Revenue Corp. complaint – these zombie debt collectors break the law and violate the FDCPA every day!

513-605-7590 General Revenue Corp complaint

General Revenue Corp. truly takes shady and illegal debt collection tactics to the next level!

I just got a message left on my answering machine for someone that doesn’t live at my house. The message was from a debt collector named General Revenue Corp and it was 100% in violation of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act section 804 and 805 in particular cover this).

Per section 804 there can be no contact with 3rd parties about a debt without the debtors permission. The only contact allowed is to verify if the debtor is home or lives there. There can be absolutely no discussion of the debt whatsoever with 3rd parties. Section 805 then goes so far as to state that any and all mail must be general and not contain any wording that even looks to say it might be from a debt collector.

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So, from this you can easily deduct that the courts and FTC want no contact or even the possibility that a 3rd person could deduct that a message either in writing or otherwise is from a debt collector. The message left on my machine stated the entire debtors name, the company’s name that the debt was supposedly owed to, the amount of the debt and more. Being that this message could and was easily listened to by a 3rd party that knew the debtor is a clear violation of the FDCPA and probably numerous other laws (it also turned out the debt was over 20 years old, for a completely wrong amount and unenforceable or as is commonly referred to as a zombie debt).

General Revenue Corp.
11501 Northlake Dr # 3
Cincinnati, OH 45249-1618
(513)605-7590 (number they called from)
(513)605-7554 (another number they call from)
1(888)710-6817 (number they wanted the debtor to call)

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So you can all see the illegal debt collection tactics used by this General Revenue Corp. I am going to post the message that was left on my answering machine for anyone and everyone to hear. This is basically what the message stated:

“This is a message for ***** . This is a message from a debt collector. If you are not ***** then hang up or do not listen to this message. If you listen to this message we legally assume that you must be *****. You, *****, owe a debt to ********** in the amount of *****. Call us at 1(888)710-6817 to take care of this debt. This message is from a debt collector and is only intended for *****.”

Now, ask yourself why the FDCPA specifically states that no mail can state anything that has to do with a debt? Why does it state that not even postcards can be used? Because they don’t want 3rd parties to be able to know anything about a debtors possible debts (the reason I say possible here is that with a little research on the internet it is quickly found out that the majority of debts that General Revenue Corp. is attempting to collect on is either time barred and uncollectable or simply wrong in the first place – that is illegal collections pure and simple).

Think about it. If the above message were allowed or legal then all debt collectors could write all about the debtor and there debt on the outside of mail and just put a disclaimer on there somewhere that assumes that by reading the message on the envelope that it is legal and okay to assume that the reader is the debtor. That is not correct and will not hold up in a court of law.

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I told the person that the message was for about the message and advised them to see a friend of mine whom is an attorney. I also advised them to file a complaint with their state attorney general’s office, the Better Business Bureau, the US Dept. of Education (General Revenue Corp. on their website states that defaulted student loans are one of their primary sources of consumer debt that they try and collect on (The US Dept. of Education states on their website that they actively investigate and will yank back collection accounts from collection agencies practicing shady or illegal debt collection tactics).

I also made a copy of the illegal message that was left by the collection person at General Revenue Corp. so there is no argument about what occurred and what exactly was stated or left on my answering machine. I should not have to be subjected to a message left on my answering machine about another persons debts or financial matters. It is both embarrassing for that individual and for me – I can’t just drop everything and fly down two flights of stairs to turn off the machine or erase a message because it says to do that.

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And who knows how many people could listen to a message like that. It just so happened that my wife’s family was over for dinner and they all heard the message and since they couldn’t hear the name that clearly then they all assumed that it was I and my wife that were having financial difficulties. That should be a crime and probably is. I know it is harassment to say the least. Possibly even defamation or slander. I am also going to talk to my attorney friend. Maybe a nice, big class action lawsuit along with a lot of negative publicity will close down General Revenue Corp. and their legion of illegal debt collectors.

Hopefully out of this General Revenue Corp. gets fined huge, loses all their accounts with the US Dept. of Education. I also hope they get closed down or at least fined into oblivion as that was completely ridiculous and definitely not ethical in the least. If you are or have been bothered in an illegal manner by General Revenue Corp. please contact me and I will forward the information to my attorney.

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3 Responses to 513-605-7590 General Revenue Corp. complaint – these zombie debt collectors break the law and violate the FDCPA every day!

  1. Eddy on August 4, 2011 at 11:23 AM

    I got a call or message like that and I agree with you. That is an invasion of privacy and should be illegal. I would definitely file a written complaint with your state attorney general – that usually stops them cold. It’s what I did. Iwas dealing with a different collection company, but same illegal tactics. If enough people complain to the state attorney general they will open an investigation and most likely ban the company from doing any business in their state.

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  2. Reuben on August 8, 2011 at 8:29 PM

    Those bastards at General Revenue Corporation call me repeatedly from these numbers:
    It is best to block all their numbers and then turn them in to the attorney general’s office for your state. They kept calling me and harassing me over a debt that was over 11 years old and there was no way I was going to pay on it. The straw that broke the camels back was when they left a similar message on my answering machine. I wrote a formal complaint to the state attorney general here in Florida and they stopped cold in their tracks and haven’t heard back from them since.

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  3. Greg on August 13, 2011 at 10:04 AM

    I also just started receiving calls from the number listed below for someone that does not live here. In the recorded menu options their is no option for “does not live here”… only if you are this person, or this person is not available. extremely annoying to keep gettings these calls and no way to stop them…pay that monthly fee to be unlisted, and to ensure your on the do not call lists… and still get these calls!

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