(702)318-1523 WTF Who is calling me? It is a scam trying to get my credit card info!

(702)318-1523 WTF Who is calling me

WTF! I received numerous calls from this credit card scam at (702)318-1523. If you receive a call from them do not answer it – it is a scam!

I received phone calls from (702)318-1523 every day over the past week. Generally the phone rings and then goes to the message machine. The people calling never leave a message. Today I finally had enough with their incessant phone calls and picked up the phone – I wanted to know exactly who was calling and harassing me.

I answered the phone and I got a recording about my credit card and reducing the interest rate on my outstanding balance. The message had me push a button or two and then I got to speak to someone. This sounded really fishy and I was basically going to tell them to stop calling my phone number and to take me off any lists that they had. I was also going to inform them that I was on the Do Not Call list.

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I ended up talking to what sounded like a snotty teenager. He told me that he was with my credit card company. I asked him what company that was and what my card was. He didn’t answer that. Instead he said they were with Card Member Services and that they work for all credit card companies – that sounded really sketchy.

Then he asked me what my credit card balance was. I told him that if he worked for my credit card company or bank that he should know what that is. I knew I didn’t have a credit card balance because I always pay off my card at the end of every month and I have always done this. There was no balance on my card.

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He then asked me for my credit card number and expiration date so he could tell me how they were going to save me hundreds of dollars. Yeah, right – what a joke. Like I am really going to tell this scumbag, snotty teenager my credit card number and expiration date so he can go and ring up a bunch of Sony Playstation 3 games or similar on it.

I told him there is no way he is getting my information. He told me that they were legit and that I needed to give them this information else he was going to mark my account for closure and fines. I told him that I was recording the phone call and was going to forward this to the police.

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The kid immediately hung up. Unfortunately I didn’t record the phone call as I had no real notice that the call from (702)318-1523 was going to be a illegal scam call. I wish I could have so they could get arrested. I hate scumbags that do things like this – claiming to be your credit card company when in fact they are not.

If you get a phone call from this number (702)318-1523 rest assured it is a scam 100%. They are trying to get credit card information and this will then be used to run up your credit card bill. Report them to your local police like I did. Hopefully they will get arrested and shut down shortly.

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