Aldi Grocery Store Review – I Saved So Much Money On A Party By Shopping At Aldi Instead Of Getting It Catered!

One of my favorite grocery store chains is Aldi

Over the past 5 years I have become a day to day shopper at Aldi because of the low prices and the great quality of foods.  This past weekend I had planned a birthday party for one of my best friends here in Dallas, Texas.  I had wondered if I should order the food from a local restaurant or just buy the food from Aldi.

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I had taken a closer look through the ad on the Aldi home page to see what kind of deals and specials were on for the week.  I had first taken a look at the bricks of cheese to make a cheese tray and I found they had 8 oz. bricks for $1.99.  I thought this would definitely be cheaper than buying elsewhere.  Since I have bought most of my produce from Aldi, I knew I could go ahead and purchase all the produce.

I had headed over to the produce section and was able to find a head of cauliflower for $1.99 and a head of broccoli for $.99. You can’t beat those prices anywhere else around.  I also was able to buy baby carrots for $.99 and then the French onion dip for $1.29.  It was absolutely perfect for setting up all the appetizers for the party. 

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With all the vegetables bought from Aldi, the only thing I had to do then was go to Family Dollar and get plastic platters for the trays even though I hate how gross that stre feels.  I was able to buy all my bags of chips and salsa at Aldi as well which was once again cheaper than any other chain grocery store around.  One policy that I love about Aldi is their guarantee policy

For example, if you had a head of broccoli that started to mold due to being in the wrong temperature environment.  You could bring it back to Aldi and get a new head AND get your money back for that purchase.  It is one of the only places I know that will 200% guarantee your purchase was the right one.  As a new program, Aldi has specials on Wednesdays called meat special buy. 

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Every Wednesday Aldi has a meat that isn’t carried in-store every day for a low price.  The catch to this is that they only have a limited quantity.  I went today to Aldi to pick some things up and they were already sold out of the meat special buy.  Overall, Aldi is one of the best food places to buy groceries at because of the low prices and the great quality products!

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