Aldi’s has racist employees that knowingly discriminate against ethnic groups like Spanish Americans!

Aldis employees racist discriminatory behavior towards Spanish Americans

This female Aldi’s employee was racist and treating Spanish Americans in a very derogatory manner!

I have always enjoyed shopping at ALDI’s store as they do have very low prices. But that all changed today; the service I had experience at Aldi’s today was the worst ever. This, in particular, pertains to one female employee at the Aldi’s store on 550 E. Golf Rd in Arlington Heights IL. She was a white lady around 5’8 and 160lb and was excessively rude and racist.

I am not sure of her name but she has always exhibited very nice behavior to certain group of people … like when I hear her talked in Germany to other German Americans with a smile so wide; however, I’ve notice she is extremely rude to people of other races and countries like Spanish people who barely understand English and may have problems speaking it.

Over the past few years this lady has been giving me trouble like when I asked for cash back and she gives me dirty looks and never says one word to me but “what?”; never the less I have done a good job at staying quiet and keeping my composure until today. Today I had enough of her racist behavior.

The lady in front of me did not put the bar on the conveyor belt to separate her items from mine. I was about to do if for her but figure well they are 5 feet from mine so I don’t see the need, but this lady that was checking us out continued to run her items with mine. Then when I said something to her that these weren’t all my items she started to get really rude with me.

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I replied back “hey you knew those items did not belong to me and even if you didn’t it’s no need to be rude about it”. I then told her what I have seen in her behavior towards me compared to other people and it was not acceptable. I told her I would let her manger and others know about it.

I just want to say there are two other women that work there who are African Americans and have always been so nice to me and friendly. I can’t understand why we live in a world of people who are rude for any reason – let alone race and country of origin.

I will not shop at my local Aldi’s anymore if that racist and unfair lady is still employed there. I am a person who can read and speak Spanish and have an education which can be a very powerful thing. I will always protect those who cannot protect themselves. This is what I am doing today – I am standing up for minorities and the fact that this lady is clearly exhibiting racist tendencies at Aldi’s.

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One Response to Aldi’s has racist employees that knowingly discriminate against ethnic groups like Spanish Americans!

  1. ANdy on October 11, 2010 at 9:27 AM

    Yes they do! Finally someone agrees with me that Aldi’s employees are racist!

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