AMC Irving Mall Review – Great Customer Service At This Texas Movie Theatre!


I purchased a ticket for the 1:25pm showing of “Drive” at the AMC Irving Mall 14 on 9/16/2011. About 40 minutes or so into the movie, the dialogue track faded out to nearly inaudible. At first I thought the director was just trying to be “Arty” since the lead character didn’t have a whole lot of lines anyway. Turned out that track stayed buggy.

After a few minutes I sought out a manager. I asked Marissa at the snack counter, who immediately contacted the manager on duty, Michelle. I explained the problem to Michelle, and expressed my disappointment. Michelle asked for my ticket stub and gave me an immediate refund on the spot. She also invited me to attend any movie currently showing!

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I had actually asked for a pass to any upcoming show, since there wasn’t anything showing I particularly wanted to see, but she didn’t have any at the counter. I’m not complaining about that one bit. Michelle and Marissa couldn’t have been more professional and customer service-oriented. I ended up watching “The Help” and enjoyed it immensely in soite of having read the book.

I read of several instances of poor performance in various AMC theaters, even a couple in this particular one. The only advice I can offer others is to address the problem immediately to the manager on duty, clearly explain the problem, and state what you feel is a fair resolution.

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