AMC Theatre Compliment and Praise! – Movie Watcher Club with Awesome Rewards for Every Movie Attended!!

Have you ever really wanted to go to a movie and can’t decide which theatre you want to go to?  Well I totally understand where you’re coming from on that one!  There are two main theatres that I like to choose from including AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas.  I like to go to both theatres because they both have a rewards club and they both have specials for certain days during the week. 

The great thing about the specials at Regal Cinemas is that even though the movies may be very expensive they have $1 small popcorn on Tuesdays.  One thing that I don’t really like at Regal is the rewards club does not automatically award prizes once you get to the amount of points that you need for free small popcorn or a free small soft drink or even free movie tickets. 

Unless you go online and check to see how many points you have earned so far and redeem your points you have no idea how many you have.  Regal, however, has better sound and picture quality on their screens than AMC Theatres. 

AMC Theatres has a great rewards program that is well worth the wait and amount of time it takes to get the specific amount of points.  With AMC Theatres right when you reach enough points for the specific rewards when you are attending a movie you are given the coupon for your rewards.  AMC Theatres also has specials for the week after a movie opening. 

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After the movie has been in theatres for a week, AMC Theatres drops down the ticket pricing for those movies to only $5!  I think that is amazing.  AMC Theatres also has free small popcorn for AMC Theatre Movie Watcher Card Members every Monday through Thursday!  AMC Theatres are really nice because they also allow you to add your own butter to your popcorn, so you can add as much or little as you would like.

With all this talk of popcorn, it makes me think about all of the other options that the concession stands in movie theatres offer.  There are so many more options nowadays from when I was younger.  They offer anything from hotdogs, nachos, soft pretzel bites, and many different kinds of candy.  Even though they offer so many different types of food, it is always a better idea to eat before you attend a movie, due to the fact that the food there is always much more expensive than when you would buy it at a grocery store or gas station.

 I have also figured out that it is much cheaper of you are going to be buying an ICEE at the movie theatre that it is a better idea to make a quick stop at the gas station before you head into the movies.  It is usually no more than $2 for the largest size you can get (which is bigger than the largest size at the theatre), and at the movie theatre it is $5 for the largest size you can get.  So I highly recommend that you purchase an ICEE and all of your candy at the store before you head to the theatre for a night of movie fun!

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2 Responses to AMC Theatre Compliment and Praise! – Movie Watcher Club with Awesome Rewards for Every Movie Attended!!

  1. Andres on August 24, 2010 at 10:16 AM

    Hey tardmonster, the prizes at regal ARE awarded automatically. You don’t redeem anything

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  2. Kareem on May 31, 2011 at 10:25 AM

    In fear of getting several valued AMC employees in trouble, me and my wife have allowed my two daughters (Bryanna age 14, Chionie age 17) to countless R-Rated movies with our consent several times. It was almost customary – They ask to go, I drive up with them to purchase the tickets, I give them the tickets, they go in, I leave. This weekend though, I go up to the ticket booth and they tell me that in order for Bryanna to go in, I would have to purchase a ticket for myself and go in with her. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! IS MY CONSENT NOT ENOUGH?! To add injury to insult, when I ask to speak to a manager, he appears to be as young as my daughter.

    I have been going to AMC theatres for as long as I can remember. I have been part of every club, registration and patronage that AMC has offered. I have gone to thousands of movies including 1 or more every week of the summer for the past 5 years. My giving my consent for my child should be enough. Especially if I have gotten out of my bed to comply to your rules. This is not a threat but if my consent is continuously refused, they (my girls), my other children (3 other boys), myself and my wife will take our money and business elsewhere.

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