American Eagle Complaint – Store Visa Credit Card Offer Which Resulted In A Headache!

American Eagle Visa? I wish I didn’t…

My name is Mike and I would like to lodge a complaint with American Eagle and their American Eagle credit card:

I walked into an American Eagle this September (2010) to pick up a few items. When checking out I was asked to apply for their credit card to save about $20 from my purchase—”why not,” I replied. After giving the my driver’s license so they could copy the address down and answering a few questions I left the store and was told to expect my card in 1-2 weeks.

After 3 weeks I still did not receive my card or a statement, so I called them. After explaining my situation they, fairly rudely, stated my card was sent to a different address. Curious as I was—I asked where? They wouldn’t tell me, but did say it was not even sent to an address in southern California, where I live and my driver’s license indicates. So, I tell them to resend them correct address and ask if I can make a payment so I don’t get charged with a late charge. They said they would need the card number or the account number on the statement. Of course, I had neither because they sent them to Who Knows Where? So they said I had to send in a check or money order with either my ssn or cell number. So, I opted to send a money order and made a copy of said money order because I wasn’t too impressed with their level of service.

Good thing I did make a copy because calling in a week later, to make sure my payment was received, I found out they never received the money order. I asked them what I was supposed to do because I didn’t have time to send another check or money order and make the payment before the due date and still have not received either my card or statement yet. Lo and Behold, this customer service representative said I did not need that information to make a payment. So, I made another payment.

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Confused as to what happened with my first payment, I called the money order issuer and was told that it was already cashed–and by who do you ask? You guessed it, American Eagle Visa had already cashed it 3 days ago. However, I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they did not lose it and would just take some time to get to my account.

One month later, two months after my original purchase, I still had not received my credit card, statement, or credit for my original payment. So I made another call. I gave them my money order number and told them it was definitely cashed by their company and was told gruffly, “they’d look into it.” And it turns out they simply resent another credit card and statement to the same wrong address they originally sent them to. So, I again gave them my address and asked them to resend it.

After about another 3 weeks, almost 3 months since this fiasco started I finally received my statement and card. But I was again disappointed when I did not receive a credit on my statement, so I called in again. It turns out my payment went to someone else’s account! What!? I was then asked if I wanted my money back? After thinking about it I promptly told them yes. I was then told it would take about two months to investigate this and another month to issue me a check.

Will I ever get my money back? I guess I’ll wait 90 days to see, but I’ll hold my breath. And if you walk into an American Eagle and they ask you if you would like to try their credit card—I suggest you just say no or run away, far away.

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2 Responses to American Eagle Complaint – Store Visa Credit Card Offer Which Resulted In A Headache!

  1. meghan on November 28, 2010 at 3:22 PM

    I used to work for AE and that is all they did was push for a credit card. They did not care if the customer got approved or anything after that. All they cared about was their store goal for credit and if I did not get one for the day, it was pushed on me. I hate working for them and never will ever again!!!

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  2. MIAMI LORI on August 11, 2011 at 9:37 AM

    I opened a “American” Eagle card for back to school shopping because of the credit for new cards. I never received a statement it was the same month as I opened the account. I received a call on Sunday around 3pm from a “customer service” rep…..first I couldnt understand him but when I could finally peace togather what he was saying he was calling for my payment that he said was late. I first asked him where he was calling from and he keep repeating “American Eagles” I then said no where are you located at where is your calling center at………..wait for it INDIA!! I first explained that I did not receive a statement yet but would have a payment in full the next day, I told him in this coutry Sunday is a Holy day, and lastly I told him if I continued to get calls on Sunday I would close my account. He did not understand one word and I received a closure notice in the mail. I called the customer service phone number and after about 5 differant prompts got a representative that could care less. She stated well if you threat to close you account that is why he did it. I told her I have never heard of that before it was he couldnt understand me and keep it closed because I will never do business with you again and will let everyone know…….They should change their name to India Eagle Outfitters because the clothes are cheap and are not made here either…………so sad when America needs jobs……..poor service and quality!!

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