AMTC Auditions – a mega scam for Christ! Beware of and avoid this scam!

AMTC model actor talent scam

AMTC Auditions is a huge scam! Take it from me – I am a big agent with one of the largest modeling agencies in the world! AMTC is a massive scam!

It was bound to happen that some group of schmucks was going to take the model search scams out there like Model Search America and jack up the price 5 to 10 times and proclaim it in the name of God. The name behind this unbelievable scam is AMTC Auditions. And guess what? This scam is even backed by the Better Business Bureau (goes to show you that the Better Business Bureau in itself might be a scam and needs to be looked into by the FTC).

Model Search America was one of the first scams that went from city to city proclaiming to be one of the best resources are models to be found and find lucrative paying jobs and contracts. The sad reality is with any of these model search and similar talent search companies the true number of people that actually get “found” or end up with contracts and similar is almost nonexistent.

For every 10,000 people that pay into these scams there might be one person that gets selected for something and it’s usually nothing great. To make themselves look better veil actually pay local talent agencies to falsely select a fair number of people so that way when people leave these auditions and their regional meets or events they leave with a false idea that more people got selected and contracts than what really happened.

I have been to many of these events as an actual talent agent for one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world. We already know going into it that the odds of us finding someone that we want is basically zero. We are paid well by companies like Model Search America and are told behind the scenes to select a few people even if we don’t want them so that they leave feeling happy and then just don’t call them back or return their calls. I never liked these talent search and model search scams because that’s exactly what they are. Don’t ever let anyone tell you anything different than that.

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When I go out looking for people that I want for my modeling agency I know am looking for and I know I’m not going to find it in one of these auditions. I go with my gut feelings and my best resource has always been airports and malls. I like those places because I can look and see what that something is there in a person and be completely under the radar. Believe me if parents and kids and other want to be models knew that I was going to be in the airport or the malls I would get swamped.

My best finds I’ve actually found as waitresses and bartenders in places like Austin Texas, Phoenix Arizona, and even in New York City in some restaurants around SoHo. But enough about me and how I actually find people for my clients and for my modeling agency.  What really gets my goat is that now there is a new scam that makes these all their talent search and model search scams look like little fish in a big pond.  AMTC Auditions does the same kind of presentation and scam as the others except that now they claim it is for God and not for money.

How could that be if they’re charging 5 to 10 times more money any of the other scam talent search companies out there?  From numerous sources I’ve found out that they charge around $3000 for people to go to one of their “events” in Orlando Florida.  People hold on to your money.  There is no need for you to blow it on these folks and their scam.

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If they really were for God and it weren’t about money than they were been no need for them to charge a $3000 price for this.  It sickens me that a business like AMTC Auditions can go around claiming they are doing God’s work and fining people for God’s business.  Maybe to you this if God needs someone he will do it on his own and he does not need nor does he employ AMTC Auditions or anyone that works there.

Now, you’ve heard it from me, a real live model and talent agent from one of the largest agencies in the world, you do not need nor will you fare any better from going to any of these scam modeling or talent searches.  Now there is one exception that I will make and that is for TV shows like American Idol, Star search, project runway, American Bandstand and a few others some of which are no longer around.  These are bona fide resources and guess what?  They don’t cost you a penny to tell you if your going to make it in this business or not.

Instead of going to AMTC Auditions and wasting $3000 or going to Model Search America and wasting $600 or so for one of their regional events go to an American Idol audition or a reality TV show audition.  Your chances of becoming someone in modeling or acting are far, far greater and you’ll see real people that will be blatantly honest and tell you whether they think you’ll make it in that business or not.  Simon, whom was a little too blatantly honest, is no longer there at American Idol so you don’t have to worry about him and his classy put downs.

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Here’s another thing for you to think about.  Actors come and go.  So do models.  But you ever see any of that has been models or actors go into these Model Search America or AMTC Auditions?  You will never see them at any of these talent or modeling searches.  Why is that?  Because there a scam and they don’t work.  For models and actors that want to make a come back easily have the money to afford one of these talent or model searches.  Instead they flock in droves to reality TV shows.

Why is that?  Because they are proven to work better than anything else.  Talent searches and model searches on the other hand are proven to fail almost all the time.  Go and try out for American Idol or any muriad of reality TV shows out there.  These will get your face on TV where people like me will be watching and looking for that new look or that new act.  We won’t be looking at the model search or talent searches – I know I don’t.  I also know the other big scouts won’t either.

Take my advice.  AMTC Auditions is a massive scam and a complete waste of your time and money.

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60 Responses to AMTC Auditions – a mega scam for Christ! Beware of and avoid this scam!

  1. Mathew Davis on September 13, 2010 at 8:04 PM

    I went to one of these AMTC Auditions and they really push a hard sell on you right infront of your children – “How bad do you want your child to do great things for God?”, “Can you put a price on God’s work?”, and “You can guarantee your child is going to heaven…” These are all sure signs of a scam and they say the same words to everyone. It’s almost as if the timeshare sales people went into model and talent work. It’s a huge scam and I wonder if anyone has the real data on the CEO and other executives and how much money they are making ripping people off like this? Someone at the FTC and federal prosecutors office needs to look into this AMTC scam!

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  2. Sarah Q. on September 14, 2010 at 10:02 PM

    Good heavens. Thank you for alerting me to this. I was about to take my kids to a local AMTC audition. And the more I sit back and listen to their advertisments on the radio you can really tell it is a scam.

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  3. Bill R. on September 18, 2010 at 10:39 PM

    Yes, it is a fact that Actors, Models and Talent for CHrist is a scam. They try to appeal to your religion and faith to lure you in to their expensive BS talent search. You odds of going anywhere through them – absolute zero. You will have a good time as they want you to leave feeling good, but you could do the same for far less. You could go to Disney World on your own and have a far better time for less then 1/5 of what AMTC charges. Someone at the FTC ( needs to look into AMTC Auditions and open an investigation and close them down permanently!

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  4. Elizabeth R. on September 29, 2010 at 5:03 PM

    Warning – This is obviously written by an employee or similar person with a vested interest in AMTC! – Warning

    I have to wonder if you even know what AMTC is or even better, if you’ve ever walked into an audition for them. I have known SEVERAL people that go through AMTC and are working on Broadway, in LA, Atlanta, and have been named some of the top models around the world. You calling out the BBB is crazy enough.

    You also keep saying you are an “agent” from one of the world’s most “top agencies” and yet, you have yet to provide a word of truth to THAT statement. I guarantee if you actually worked for a real agency, they would tell you otherwise. It’s so funny that you prefer mall searches when if you read their guarentees, they promise “instant stardom,” a contract from a top agency, or to be photographed by one of the world’s top photographer. THOSE are scams. NO agent ever just offers a contract without seeing the talent for themselves and interviewing and talking with them. AMTC makes NO such claim, and if any of you had done your research besides read someone else’s opinion.

    I have been to several of these searches because I wanted to see what it was all about, and they say they can’t make a star out of your child; they say they can train, help you prepare and present the talent in front of the top agencies from around the U.S. And what is even better is that the agents come back event after event because they find true talent. They also NEVER say that your child is guaranteed to go to heaven or put a price on God’s work. That is NOT their place to judge.

    Diana Degarmo, Megan Fox, tWitch, Matthew Underwood are just a few who are working in today’s industry! American Idol and other reality shows are one way for you to get in, but you are NOT guarenteed to even be in front of the three main judges. I have had friends go through American Idol and never make it. American Idol is after ratings and if you remotely think it is for anything else, you are crazy.

    Please go walk up to one of the agencies that come to AMTC and ask to give your headshot.. You will be turned down. AMTC is a safe and trusted place which is why they always come back. They are upfront with you about the cost, why it is that much, and ALL that the money covers.

    Do your own research on their website. Don’t take someone else’s opinion. If you have questions about them, CALL them. What better way to try and confront them in their “scam,” as you call it, then to call them out personally instead of coming and complaining about it on a website.

    It sounds like you just have a hostility against the company for some reason. I’m sorry that happened, but for others who truly WANT to work in this industry, check out AMTC at and see their true message and success stories.

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  5. Lisa Morley on September 29, 2010 at 9:48 PM

    Warning!!! – This comment is made by a definite employee of AMTC! – Warning!!!

    My first question is why doesn’t this “agent” reveal her name and the company she works for? She is quick to cast accusations, assuring us that SHE is honest, yet she hides her identity. AMTC is very open with all of our staff’s names; they are posted on our website. Yes, I work for AMTC. My name is Lisa Morley, and I am the Director of Admissions. I have worked for AMTC for 2 1/2 years now, and am very proud to state that!

    I came to an audition with my nephew, who was 17 at the time, and interested in Fashion Modeling. We did register for the program, and my nephew attended the Winter 2008 event in Orlando. The coaching and preparation leading up to the event was amazing! Nick had never modeled before, and the coaches taught him everything he needed to know about the business of modeling. He had a professional photo shoot with a top New York fashion photographer, Glynis Selina Arban. He actually did well at the event, receiving several callbacks from top agencies. He signed a 2 year contract with a top agency.

    I was offered a full time position with AMTC after my nephew completed his program. At first, I was a volunteer because I wanted to support the amazing staff and their mission. I am happy to speak with anyone and answer any questions you might have about this awesome company and what we do. Yes, of course we charge a tuition! We do have to pay overhead and our staff. The owners of AMTC are publicly Christian, as are our staff. Being a Christian doesn’t mean that God just hands you everything on a silver platter; implying that He does is ridiculous and just proves that the author of this article isn’t familiar with the Bible and Christianity at all!

    Our tuition is actually very reasonable, when one does the research and knows the value of what is provided for the tuition. In fact, we are much less than our closest competitor. The caliber of the casting directors, managers, producers, and agents that attend AMTC twice per year, and keep coming back year after year, speaks for itself. They do not HAVE to spend their time at AMTC; they CHOOSE to do so because they have come to depend upon AMTC to provide very talented and well prepared children and adults for them to watch perform and interview.

    As to the issue of reality TV shows, if you do the research on them, you will see that they actually have a very low rate of success per the number of auditioners. AMTC alumna, Tim Urban, did rise through the ranks of American Idol last season and made it all the way to number 8. Tim will be happy to tell you that AMTC is not a scam!

    We do have a perfect record with the BBB, and I’m proud of that. The BBB isn’t a scam at all, and any rational person understands that. There will always be attacks from the enemy against companies and individuals that choose to be open about their Christianity. I would ask that anyone interested in a career in the entertainment and/or modeling industry to do your homework; research not just AMTC, but our competition and the agents, directors, managers, and producers involved in the industry. Any one that is legit will gladly provide you with answers to your question, and they won’t hide behind lies and accusations.

    Check out the hundreds and hundreds of Success Stories on Read the comments on the blog, and letters from our Real Life Stories. Do your due diligence. Then, pray!

    I appreciate your time, and welcome your comments.

    God bless,
    Lisa Morley

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  6. Scott B on September 30, 2010 at 12:01 AM

    Warning!!! – This comment is one of a string of responses of confirmed AMTC staff. From experience, most of the time string responses like these are false and further point to the fact that a company like AMTC may infact be a scam. When we receive string responses like these we record all IP information and forward it on to the FTC, FBI and our state attorney generals office for review. This is not to single out this post or AMTC it is just our procedure in cases like this. – Warning!!!

    I have to say to modeling agent gal that you have convinced me even more to take my daughter to audition for AMTC. You claim to be an agent of one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world yet you never identify yourself or your agency. What are you trying to hide?

    If that didn’t convince me enough, your inability to spell and as well as your poor grammar and sentence structure makes me wonder if English is even your first language. If you are the example of what is out there that I may chance upon to help my daughter fulfill her dreams then I will certainly take the risk with a company that appears to have educated individuals and a professional presentation. Thank you for helping me with my decision. I spent a great deal more time on their home website as they suggest and I am actually looking forward to this potential opportunity for my daughter. They look great online.

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  7. Michelle DuPuis on September 30, 2010 at 9:49 AM

    Warning!!! – This comment is one of a string of responses of confirmed AMTC staff. From experience, most of the time string responses like these are false and further point to the fact that a company like AMTC may definitely ba a scam that warrants investigating. When we receive string responses like these we record all IP information and forward it on to the FTC, FBI and our state attorney generals office for review. This is not to single out this post or AMTC it is just our procedure in cases like this. – Warning!!!

    The gross typos and poor grammar of this “so called agent” are indicative of the ignorance of the author. One would think that if he/she is intelligent and knowledgable, that he/she would have the sense to at least use spell & grammar check.
    I am personally involved in AMTC with a good friend’s daughter. She is 15 and would like to be a commercial model. We have found the education received through AMTC in preparation for the Orlando convention to be excellent in its curriculum and delivery.
    Where else can you attend one event and meet 80-100 VIP’s in the industry but AMTC? Names like 20th Century Fox, VH1, Ford, Wilhelmina, and Trump modeling…
    I encourage anyone with doubts to visit Every aspect of their event is spelled out in black and white; nothing hidden. Their VIPs are clearly listed as well as hundreds of success stories of graduates as well as positive comments by the VIPs.
    I sense so much hostility and anger from this “agent” that malice can be the only motivation here. Maybe a contestant or parent who auditioned for AMTC and did not receive a callback?
    Blessings, MRD

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  8. Robert from Kentucky on September 30, 2010 at 3:41 PM

    AMTC is a complete scam and you are right, the above comments are made by employees falsely claiming to be parents and consumers – that was one of the jobs I had there – to try and bury bad news on the internet by posting hundreds of false comments and such.

    I worked for AMTC for a few years and ended up quiting because I got tired of scamming all those innocent people. It really got to me. I needed the job, but I knew that we were ripping off people that really couldn’t afford to be ripped off. It is just like the PTL club was in the 80′s – a great big scam claiming they are doing things in God’s name.

    Go to some of the meetings I had been in where they hand out scripts and teach employees how to make parents pay $3,000 or so for these ridiculous events where none of their kids will ever get selected for anything. Tell them it’s in God’s name and ask them how much they really love their God – is what we were told to tell them! It’s all a great big scam! Believe me – I used to work there.

    Stay as far away from AMTC as you can!

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  9. admin on September 30, 2010 at 5:48 PM

    As of 5:30 pm today we received over 30 spammy and false comments and replies from employees and others at AMTC plus they tried to falsely bury some comments that were rightfuly made by real consumers above. We have recorded all of the IP addresses, ISP’s and whois data from this obvious spam attempt by AMTC employees to try and falsely bury complaints on our website. This just goes to show what kind of a company AMTC is and is just further proof that they could really be a scam as the author (modelingagentgal) of the original post above has indicated. In the case that either law enforcement or a class action attorney is currently investigating AMTC this information will be made available to them.

  10. Nancy on September 30, 2010 at 10:36 PM

    Warning!!! This is another one of many responses from either an employee or someone vested in AMTC. I decided to post their ridiculous comment as it shows A complete lack of education, intelligence and common sense on their behalf. Now they are attacking when the only true scam here is clearly the one being run by these employees of AMTC! Warning!!!

    It’s interesting how you have a paid advertising link embedded in the middle of this slanderous article.

    “Models Wanted – Modeling Agencies Needing Models Get Your Auditions Before Others…”

    This is an OBVIOUS attack to Actors, Models and Talent for Christ by a competitive company and their employees. YOUR competition – The Better Business Bureau rates AMTC as an A+ Company. Savvy consumers will believe in the legitimacy of this age old company – The BBB – before falling prey to your tactics and “Warnings”.

    The “investigating” / class action, FBI, Attorney General, IP data comments that your admin person is spouting off about should be reported but reported against

    Your obvious screening of posts shows that your company could possibly have a vested interest in the modeling company link that you have so nicely placed in the middle of this article. Removing and censoring legitimate comments being made by people that have had wonderful experiences at AMTC is ridiculous and the FCC should be investigating your business tactics.

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