AT&T and their slimy service

I was approached by a door to door salesperson for AT&T. They were promoting the companies “bundle” where I could save money by bundling my Internet, phone, and television services into one through AT&T. At the time, I only had my phone service through AT&T. I would have to go to AT&T’s DSL connection and agree to go with Dish Network. The incentives were two-fold: 

1) I would save money over each month for the three services because they were bundled together.
2) I received a coupon which I could mail to AT&T to receive a $125 rebate.
So, they installed my dish and DSL services. It took some time and a second service call but my conversion was completed. I received the receipts and paperwork necessary to submit my $125 rebate. I made copies of all and submitted to the company. After 6 weeks, I did not receive anything so I submitted an inquiry on my request. I was told they did not have the paperwork and I would have to re-submit. Of course, my re-submit is now only copies but I went ahead and did this anyways.

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 Again, 4 more weeks and nothing. I now submit a normal letter to AT&T corporate office in one city and their sales people in second city. Neither gains a reply. I try to call customer service and do not get any results. I submit Internet requests and again no results. It has been a year and I have since given up on ever seeing this $125 rebate. I have to go on the fact that I am saving money month to month despite the fact that my bill changes from month to month with no logical explanations. It should be a flat rate from month to month as long as I do not add features, movies, etc?
Bob White
Locust, NC

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